Integrations for Managed WooCommerce Stores  

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Bradley Taylor

With growth comes complexity. As your ecommerce store grows, so does the number of tools needed to manage your business. Many scaling companies find themselves relying on a wide range of third-party systems and ecommerce apps and plugins to handle all the aspects of running an online store.

Beyond your standard ecommerce platform, some of the common solutions companies need include:

  • Multichannel selling tools
  • Payment gateways
  • CRM systems
  • Email marketing solutions
  • Social media platforms
  • Order and inventory management tools

Standing up all these platforms is simple. The real challenge comes in getting these systems to interface with each other. This is why seamless ecommerce integrations are an essential part of your online business. Everything must work together to ensure smooth operations.

Furthermore, integrating different systems can reduce data redundancy and errors. With a direct connection between tools, less human input is needed. This not only leads to fewer mistakes but also helps your business boost its productivity.

GoDaddy’s Managed WooCommerce Stores plans are designed to support today’s growing ecommerce business by providing dozens of top-level integrations. Beyond helping you run a more efficient business, these integrations come at no charge, helping to reduce the costly bloat that is often hidden when selecting a fully functional ecommerce solution.

Third-Party Integrations for Managed WooCommerce Stores

In this post, we’ll break down all the integrations available with a Managed WooCommerce Stores plan so you can understand firsthand how much value the service offers.


One of the most important types of integrations is tools for multichannel selling. You need a seamless way to connect your ecommerce platform to all your sales channels. Doing so makes it easy to manage your business from a single place.

Sellbrite is a powerful multi-channel selling tool, created to provide business owners with everything they need to manage their multichannel operations. With our Managed WooCommerce Stores plans, Sellbrite’s multichannel functionality is built into your WordPress dashboard.

The integration simplifies the process of listing products on other channels by allowing you to sync your WooCommerce catalog to the new channels. All orders are synced to the platform as well so you can track your sales in real-time. Plus, inventory records are updated too, helping to ensure you don’t oversell any of your products.

Sellbrite value: $2,148 per year or $179 per month

Included extensions

Each Managed WooCommerce Stores plan also comes with dozens of premium WooCommerce extensions included at no additional cost. Below, you’ll find a list of the plugins.

Cost of goods

The Cost of Goods Sold plugin for WooCommerce helps you track your profit margins. It adds a new Cost of Good field to both simple and variable products. This allows the plugin to create a new profit report in WooCommerce. The report will subtract your total cost of goods sold from your net sales to arrive at your net gross margin.

Cost of Goods value: $79 per year

The Discount Links feature is our version of the URL Coupons extension. With it, you can add a unique URL for the coupons in your WooCommerce store. When someone clicks the URL, the discount is automatically applied to the customer’s order. The plugin is very useful for sellers that want to use print advertising that can also be used online.

Discount Links value: $49 per year

Ecommerce emails

Ecommerce emails gives you extensive options for customizing emails directly in WooCommerce. It serves the same function as the now retired WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin.

Gift certificates

The Gift Certificates feature replaces the PDF Product Vouchers extension. The plugin lets you create printable gift certificates that can be redeemed in-person. These certificates are great for business that offer services that are provided later.

With this integration, you can also use the certificates as a typical store credit. This function is quite useful as the native WooCommerce platform does not come with gift card functionality.

Gift Certificates cost: $129 per year

Google Analytics

Analytics are key to tracking your store’s performance. With the WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro extension, you can quickly connect your store with Google Analytics to track your website visitors and their behavior. The plugin also adds advanced event tracking so you can stay on top of your conversion rates, average order value, and individual product sales.

Google Analytics Pro cost: $79 per year

Sequential order numbers

The Sequential Order Numbers Pro extension lets you store have sequential order numbers instead of the default WooCommerce setup of having the WordPress post id assigned as the order number. The plugin also gives you the ability to customize your order numbers. You can do so by adding unique prefixes and suffixes and changing the order number length.

Sequential Order Numbers Pro cost: $49 per year

Shipment tracking

Providing your buyers with tracking information for their orders is an important part of creating a great customer experience. With the Shipment Tracking plugin, giving them this information is simple. A new tracking details field appears in your order manager. When you enter the details, customers will then get the tracking information in transactional emails. They can also access it from their account page.

Shipment tracking cost: $49 per year

Local Pickup Plus

WooCommerce offers a local pickup delivery method, but it is somewhat limited in what you can offer customers. With the Local Pickup Plus extension, you can expand this capability by giving customers the option to choose from different pickup locations and schedule specific times for pickups. It is a highly valuable tool, especially for sellers with multiple locations.

Local Pickup Plus value: $79 per year


WooCommerce Memberships lets you turn your site into a membership site where specific products and pages are restricted to those enrolled in the program. It has a variety of useful features including the ability to create a drip schedule for membership content and ways to integrate member perks like purchase discounts into your store.

WooCommerce Memberships value: $199 per year

Order Status Control

By default, WooCommerce automatically changes your order status to complete for virtual orders, however, it won’t do so for other types of products. This means you need to take manual action to move orders from processing to completion. This isn’t an issue for many stores as you’ll need to prepare and ship your products before the order is finished.

However, for some stores, you may not need to take these manual actions and thus could benefit from having all orders autocomplete. The Order Status Control extension gives you this functionality.

Order Status Control value: $29 per year

Checkout Add-Ons

The Checkout Add-Ons extension lets you add additional features to your checkout page. This includes tips, gift messaging, gift wrapping, insurance, and the option to add custom fields. It is a great tool for sellers offering specialized products or services.

Checkout Add-ons value: $79 per year

Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite

Trying to import large amounts of data can be a hassle without the right tools. With the Customers, Orders, and Coupons Import Suite, you can easily import thousands of data points into your WooCommerce store. It is essential when you need an efficient way to migrate your store from an old platform to WooCommerce.

Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite value: $79 per year

Customer/Order/Coupon Export

The Customers, Orders, and Coupons Export plugin is similar to the extension above but instead, it is used to export data from your store. This is useful if you need to create your own reports or manually import the data into other solutions.

Customer/Order/Coupon Export value: $79 per year

Product Reviews Pro

Product reviews are one of the most important factors in converting your website visitors into customers. Shoppers turn to reviews to learn what others are saying about your products and whether or not they live up to expectations.

WooCommerce has product reviews built-in, but they lack some of the aspects that are most effective at winning over shoppers. With the Product Reviews Pro extension, you can add Amazon-like reviews to your store by allowing customers to upload text, images, and videos along with their star ratings.

Product Reviews Pro value: $79 per year

Print Invoices/Packing Lists

The Print Invoices & Packing Lists extension lets you quickly generate packing slips and invoices from your orders dashboard. You can create these individually and in bulk. Plus, you can create combined packing lists to further optimize your fulfillment process.

Print Invoices & Packing Lists value: $79 per year

Social Login

The Social Login extension streamlines your checkout process by allowing shoppers to log in to their cart using their existing social profiles. This saves time as they won’t need to enter a password or create a new account specifically for your store.

Social Login $79 per year

Order Status Manager

The Order Status Manager extension lets you create custom order statuses in WooCommerce. This gives you more control over your order management flow as you can add new statuses and sequence them as needed.

Order Status Manager value: $49 per year 

Product Documents

The Product Documents extension lets you add product documentation to your WooCommerce product pages. It is a helpful tool for sellers selling items that need instructions such as furniture that needs to be assembled.

Products Documents value: $49 per year

Other WooCommerce extensions

Re:amaze Helpdesk & Live Chat: Free

This extension connects your WooCommerce store to the Re:amaze customer support platform. Re:amaze is a robust solution for managing customer communications. You can use it to centralize everything from email to live chat and social media messaging.

Cart Notices: $49 per year

The Cart Notices extension helps you improve conversions by displaying dynamic messages to customers during checkout.

Address Validation: $49 per year

The Address Validation extension lets customers verify their shipping and billing details with a quick autocomplete feature.

Admin Custom Order Fields: $99 per year

The Admin Custom Order Fields extension lets you add custom fields to your internal order manager to help you process your orders faster and according to your business needs.

MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships: $49 per year

MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships helps you manage your email list for the WooCommerce Memberships extension.

Measurement Price Calculator: $129 per year

The Measurement Price Calculator adds a calculator to your product page. It is a great option for businesses selling items with variable sizes. For example, a roll of wallpaper where customers can select a specific size.

Nested Category Layout: $79 per year

The Nested Category Layout plugin lets you display products grouped by sub-category on your shop and catalog pages.

Tab Manager: $99 per year

The WooCommerce Tab Manager extension allows you to fully customize the tabs on your WooCommerce product pages.

Teams for WooCommerce Memberships: $129 per year

The Teams for WooCommerce Memberships extension works with the WooCommerce Memberships plugin to allow you to offer team and group memberships to your buyers.

Twilio SMS Notifications: $49 per year

The Twilio SMS Notifications extension lets you send SMS updates to customers when their order status is updated. You can also use it to receive an SMS message when a customer places a new order.

High value at an affordable price

In total, these integrations are worth $4,192 in annual costs, all for no additional charge. To say the plan packs a lot of value would be an understatement given that it also affords world-class hosting performance as it runs on the speedy and reliable Pagely platform.

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