Managed WordPress Hosting Specs

Cheat Sheet: Managed WordPress Hosting

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Carlin Gibbs

Rely on a managed WordPress solution designed to help make your sites run faster and securely — so you can sidestep routine admin tasks and focus on building your sites.

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All the power & simplicity, even less effort. 

With hosting environments built specifically for the world’s most popular CMS, Managed WordPress has the tools you need, including the latest AI integration, to optimize performance, secure your domain and cut through administrative tasks. It’s the perfect solution for WordPress pros looking to sidestep the hassle of frequent updates and technical adjustments. Managed WordPress delivers features and automation in one place. To keep you focused on your projects and out of the weeds, optimized configurations handle a variety of routine tasks, including core updates, server-level caching and automated daily backups.

Sidestep the hassle of frequent updates & technical adjustments.

The power and simplicity of a single dashboard makes it easy to oversee security features, monitor for issues, manage updates, and automate client reports

Free SSLFree SSL on every site
Malware Scan & Removal Scans Scans
Disk space 30 GB75GBUnlimitedUnlimited
One-click staging 
Yoast SEO Plugin 
SSH Access X
SFTP access
Full Asset CDN
File Manager 
One-click Migration
Auto WP software updates
Free backups

We back our hosting. As your WordPress site grows, load- balanced servers within a clustered environment help meet your needs — supporting growth and making sure visitors get an experience that keeps them coming back for more. Automated updates and upgradeable security options (available for Ultimate and Ecommerce plans) keep your WordPress site protected from malware and other known threats.

One-click staging for easy testing. 

Test environments are important, but setting up and managing them can be a struggle. Deluxe, Ultimate, and Ecommerce plans can harness the one-click staging feature for easy testing of PHP versions, theme or plugin updates, or other changes before they get pushed live to production.

Security with automated updates, free SSL & malware scanning. 

Automated WordPress updates provide peace of mind, ensuring your sites are patched and protected from known security issues whenever updates become available. Restore points are created prior to the update, allowing you to easily roll back patches whenever you need to.

All plans include free SSL certificates installed, configured and re-validated for every domain.

In addition to free SSL, our Ultimate and Ecommerce tiers also feature remote malware scanning and removal, security activity auditing, file integrity checks, blocklist monitoring, and notifications whenever an indicator of compromise is detected.

Drive ecommerce revenue and generate sales 

Security and automation aren’t the only things on the table. Step up to the Managed WordPress Ecommerce plan and enjoy a variety of ecommerce-first features to help you drive conversions, increase sales, and generate more revenue for your WordPress site.

Upgrading to more streamlined, automated workflows with Managed WordPress is simple. If you ever outgrow your plan, you can upgrade to the Ultimate or Ecommerce tiers to add unlimited disk space, site protection and even more marketing features.

Our WordPress experts love to help. Seriously.

Need help designing or setting up your Managed WordPress site? Give our WordPress experts a call. We’re happy to help and are available 24/7/365. Call anytime: 1-480-366-3546

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