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Quick Sprout’s Neil Patel shares online marketing tips for SMBs

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Kate Volman

Do you have a business crush? Come on, admit it. Those people in your industry who are so great at their craft you can’t wait to see what they do next? And while following their journey, you gain so much knowledge and insight to help you grow your business.

I have quite a few. I stay up to date with their latest tips on Twitter, grab them for a selfie or two if we end up at the same conference, and study their content as if they were going to give me a pop quiz. And when I take the stage to speak at an event, it’s likely I’ll share a story inspired by them during my presentation.

Quick Sprout founder Neil Patel is one of my business crushes.

I met Neil about three years ago. I had started a social media marketing firm and most of our clients were local small businesses. Being in the online marketing world, I was constantly reading blogs, watching videos, attending events and doing pretty much anything that would help me stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the marketing world in order to best serve my clients.

One afternoon I was chatting with one of my business partners. He had already built a multi-million dollar business so I always enjoyed our conversations and getting his advice. We got to talking about marketing, content creation and some of the dynamic and successful entrepreneurs in his circle. Since I had a passion for interviewing people doing amazing things in business, I threw out the idea of incorporating these types of videos into our content marketing strategy. And before the words even flew out of my mouth, he said, "You need to interview my friend, Neil Patel."

Neil Patel Caricature
Neil Patel is the founder of Quick Sprout and co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and Kissmetrics. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, and Forbes counts him in the Top 10 for online marketing expertise. President Obama recognized Neil as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

At that time I had no idea who Neil was, but I jumped online and found his blog, Quick Sprout. I signed up for his newsletter — and that’s all it took to hook me. Although I was on hundreds of email lists and followed a number of great marketers, Neil was so brilliant that I actually got excited when I saw his name pop up in my inbox to share his latest post.

Neil has a natural ability to create amazing content filled with stories, statistics and actionable tips that any business owner can start implementing today to help them move their business forward. And if that wasn't enough, it turns out he’s also a super nice guy.

Before my first call with him, I didn't know what to expect. After Googling him and discovering how successful he was, I started getting so nervous you would have thought I was about to meet Brad Pitt. Forbes called him one of the top 10 influencers online; Entrepreneur says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world; and President Obama recognized Neil as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

While all of his accolades are quite impressive, what I find even more remarkable about Neil is his ability to create helpful and shareable content. The articles he writes and the infographics he posts are filled with actionable steps any business owner can start implementing today to make a difference in their business. Unlike some marketers, he writes about the tactics and strategies he uses, and describes in detail what works, what doesn't and why.

All you have to do is check out the Quick Sprout blog to see how Neil engages with his audience, answers their questions, comments back, and shares advice.

I love introducing Neil's work to my clients and fans. For a business owner or marketer searching for ways to up their game, you're not going to find a better source for inspiring yet informative content.


Neil and I have stayed connected over the years and it’s been really fun watching his journey. I was excited to have the opportunity to interview him again. It’s not surprising that, three years later, he continues to share unbelievable content and he’s still a great guy passionate about helping other business owners succeed.

Neil Patel shares his small biz advice via video

Do you ever wonder how you could test an idea online? How about uncovering simple strategies to generate more traffic to your website? Is having a website essential or can you simply use landing pages to promote your products or services? Neil answers these questions and so many more in my interview with him.

If you aren't a fan of his already, you will be after watching this video.

What did you like best about this interview? I'd love to hear what you have in the comments below!