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New Reseller onboarding resources now available 

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Alexa Platt-Lee

With all the potential the GoDaddy Reseller Program has to offer, it can be hard figuring out where to start with Reseller onboarding. After all, some of the most financially successful people today had to find a way to map things out.

We get it. How about a head start?

Check out two new resources available to GoDaddy Resellers: our Reseller Get Started articles and videos. They're designed to help you more quickly establish key components of your reseller presence.

Reseller onboarding article series

As a GoDaddy Reseller, you'll be equipped with a branded, professional-looking storefront and a team of expert Guides delivering technical support. Our article series gives you easy access to all the information for making that happen, walking you through:

  • Adding your company name
  • Setting up your payee account and payment info
  • Customizing your reseller storefront branding
  • Choosing your customer support options
  • Establishing your Home URL
  • Next steps to success

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Reseller onboarding video series

While our article series provides a convenient reference at your fingertips, we also created the video series for Resellers who prefer visual learning. In these videos, our experienced Guides share their knowledge of key Reseller onboarding milestones:

  • Getting started as a Reseller
  • Introduction to the Reseller Program
  • Using the Reseller Wizard to create a storefront
  • Using the Reseller Control Center
  • Adding a custom domain to your storefront
  • Setting product pricing
  • Updating product pricing
  • Creating custom promotion codes
  • Adding social media links to your storefront

Watch the Videos

Still considering the GoDaddy Reseller Program?

If you've been wondering if reselling is the right gig for you, Reseller onboarding has never been easier. We have free resources to walk you through every step on your way to success.

You build your online storefront and set your own prices. We handle payments and provide you with tools to get the word out about your business, while our Guides provide expert support. The Reseller Program is a good fit for any with good business sense, not just the uber-technical.

You can do this. Ready to go?

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