UPDATE: Make your website faster with image compression

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Christopher Carfi
UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated in this great hangout to discuss boosting website speed by compressing images. In case you missed it, you can check out the hangout video here.

The average Web page has almost doubled in size since 2010, and a typical page now tops out at more than 1MB. A big part of this bloat has come from the increasing number and resolution of images in modern Web pages. We're visual creatures, and our websites reflect that.

Source: Web Performance Today

In parallel with the increase in Web page size is the increased importance of website speed as a key contributor to both SEO and user experience. Faster sites perform better and rank higher in search results.

Hang out to learn more

As images increase in importance as part of Web design, optimizing those images through compression becomes a critical skill for Web designers and developers to learn. To this end, we'll be hosting a Google® Hangout on Friday, June 13, entitled "Thinking Small About Image Compression." You can RSVP for the Hangout here. This Hangout is part of our monthly series on optimizing site performance.


This month, we'll discuss how image optimization can speed up page loads for new and returning customers to a website. To help demonstrate the difference this can make, Kyle Mauch, CEO and founder of AthletesBrand.com, will join GoDaddy’s Dave Koopman and Marcel Verkerk for the hangout.

We'd love to see you there! Click here to RSVP.

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