A super email subject line is just 6 tips away

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Jennifer Dunn

With a winning headline like that you just couldn’t resist the click-through, huh?

In email marketing, your subject line truly does the heavy lifting. You have, on average, between 40 and 60 characters — and five seconds — to capture customers’ attention, so it’s worth spending your time creating a captivating subject line.

So, what makes a subject line work? Good question. A good descriptive subject line, written concisely, can get your email opened in a flash. A poorly constructed one can condemn your email to the trash or junk file — or worse, the spam folder, if you don’t make it unique.

No pressure, right? Here are six tips that can steer you in the right direction:

1. Read all about it!

Examples of great subject lines are as close as the headlines in your local newspaper. Yes, it’s true, newspapers generally do a good job highlighting the most important facts in a few words, which is what a subject line should do.

2. Make them an offer.

If you’re sending customers a great deal, let them know up front. A killer offer out-pulls any other subject line.

3. “From” who?

Marketing research shows readers often look at the “from” line first when deciding whether to open an email, and then the subject line. That stated, these two should work in tandem. The “from” line tells the recipient who sent the email, while the subject line entices them to open it. If your “from” line lists the company name, and it should, you don’t have to repeat it in the subject line, which frees up space to highlight your message. For the best results, use a branded email address (i.e. yourname@yourbusiness.com).

A domain-based email that reflects your business sets the right tone. Get a professional email address today.

4. It’s a numbers game.

Late-night TV comedy doesn’t own the Top 10 lists market. People love numbered lists. Look at any magazine cover and you’re most likely see a story tease a “top 10,” “7 ways,” or “best 5” something or other. Including a number in your subject line is a great way to entice your subscribers to want to read more.

5. What’s inside?

It’s great to be creative, but don’t be too cute, cheesy or overly sales-y. Rather, top-load your subject line with the most compelling and valuable content. That’s going to capture the reader’s interest, not pushy propositions or overused clichés.

6. Make it special.

Tempt recipients by incorporating time sensitivity and exclusivity in your subject line. “2 days until flash sale ends!” or “Private Sale: Just for you!” are more likely to entice customers to open the message.

Examples of strong email subject lines

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  • Check Out These Last-Minute Travel Deals
  • 10 Surefire Methods to Market Your Business
  • New Products that will Change Your Life
  • 5 Proven Solutions to a Boring Party
  • Last Day for New-Car Pricing
  • 8 Reasons to Buy Local
  • Want More Customers? Here’s How
  • 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Advertising

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