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Use Websites + Marketing for online ordering and scheduled curbside pickup

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Sarah Dawson

Online ordering and curbside pickup are quickly becoming a way of life for millions of people under stay-at-home restrictions from COVID-19. From hot meals to groceries to supplies, businesses all over are equipping themselves to offer curbside pickup.

Ease the burden by offering online ordering and curbside pickup.

If you have Websites + Marketing, you can easily add functionality to schedule a pickup time right when your customers order from you. Your business will simply add a note to the order that specifies a pickup time. You can offer a convenient window of time for your customers to pick up their goods, and that pickup time is reflected in their order details.

How to use GoDaddy Websites + Marketing to offer online ordering and scheduled curbside pickup

  1. In your Websites + Marketing Dashboard, go to Settings, and then select Shipping.
  2. Select the In-Person Pickup option, and in the Pickup Instructions section, set the time frame for your customers and any other details.Online Ordering Set-up W+M
  3. Select Save. When your customers place an order, your instructions now appear in the Shipping/Pickup section:
Online Ordering Shipping Section

Tip: If your business is able and willing to offer delivery, use Websites + Marketing to set up delivery options based on local zip codes. You can also customize the label that your customers see on their site.

Online Ordering Shipping Zone Setup

Once your customers have selected their shipping method, they’ll see something like this, which is an example of a view for a local delivery option where the label has been customized for the Scottsdale, AZ area:

Local Delivery Shipping Option

It’s easy to add these features for your customers, and we offer guidance if you get lost.

We also have helpful tips for your clients to move parts of their business to the web. Much of the world has now shifted to an online model, so make sure your practices are streamlined and that you’re providing support to your customers on how to do so as well.

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As a business owner, try to do as much as you can to ease the burden for your customers and make it simple to continue ordering goods from you. This will help keep your own business and employees safe as well.

Offering online ordering and curbside pickup are simple ways in which you can relieve some anxiety around ordering food, groceries, or other services in these fraught times.

You can do this!

If you need a helping hand, we’re here for you.

Above all, have faith in yourself. We have faith in you.

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