Experienced pros needed for the GoDaddy Customer Council

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Art Martori

We’ve reserved seats on the GoDaddy Customer Council for Makers of the Web — developers and designers, marketers, SEO gurus…

You know who you are.

If you’re one of these experienced professionals, we’d be grateful for the insights you can share in a gathering of GoDaddy customers. In return, you’ll get an inside look at GoDaddy, including invitations to exclusive beta activities and the opportunity to influence decisions on the products and experiences you use every day. We also hold monthly sweepstakes and offer Amazon gift cards for other kinds of participation.

Claim your seat on the GoDaddy Customer Council by taking this brief survey.

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What is the GoDaddy Customer Council?

We invite GoDaddy customers, based on their goals and how they’re using our stuff, to represent that segment of users on the GoDaddy Customer Council. We float questions and ideas to the group, and then let their feedback help set the course we take as an organization.

GoDaddy Customer Council
GoDaddy customers each have unique goals and uses for our products and services. We created the GoDaddy Customer Council to give them a voice.

We tend to favor one-on-one interactions over larger group meetings, especially when one of our researchers is looking for the knowledge you possess. In these cases, you’ll meet on Zoom. There are also surveys and messages exchanged with researchers.

There are a few basic requirements for membership on the GoDaddy Customer Council, including:

  • Must be a GoDaddy customer
  • Must be 18 years & older
  • Must reside in the U.S. or U.K.
  • Must not be a GoDaddy employee

We’ve also created a survey for prospective members, to help us uncover where your experience will contribute the most.

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What can you contribute?

As a Maker of the Web, you’re pushing the envelope for what GoDaddy products and services can do. It’s an area where we’re devoting an increasing amount of resources (have you checked our GoDaddy Pro yet?).

Your needs are important to use, and your feedback is essential in letting us better serve them. Claim your seat on the GoDaddy Customer Council by taking this brief survey.

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