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    Website Disconnected

    I have a website that is hosted by GoDaddy and is connected to WordPress. When I go onto my GoDaddy Pro Dashboard the website is always disconnecting. The website still works if someone is to go look at it, but when it is disconnected I am not able to use the dashboard.  I have to reconnect it constantly, and even that doesn't work all the time. I have contacted the support and they have told me to clear my cache which also only works sometimes. I only know the basics so an information on this will be helpful. 

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    Community Team

    Hey @Salvo, I think a lot of people would find that frustrating, so thanks for posting this question.


    The top cause for disconnection (when the site isn't down) is website or server caching. If you're using our Managed WordPress product, website caching would be more likely. That is probably why support suggested to clear cache.


    Browser cache could also be a factor, but if clearing that doesn't work, try these:


    • Clear cache on any caching plugins you have installed.
    • Try a different caching plugin (please let us know if any specific plugins cause more/fewer disconnects so we can work on compatibility).
    • If you're using Managed WordPress, clear hosting cache using these steps:


    I'm not sure which of those support may have had you try, so I included them all. 


    Otherwise, the disconnects could be caused by timeout errors. That's harder to track down if your site stays live. We've recently seen some people having issues with cron jobs, which can cause timeouts.


    Our developers are looking into it, and I'll update this thread if they find anything else. Feel free to submit a ticket any time this happens so they can look at your logs. Having multiple examples helps us resolve issues faster.




    Angela B - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.