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    Appointment frustration

    We own a barbers and, due to the pandemic, have had to move to appointments. I like the website builder appointment system, but it does have a frustrating aspect that's causing us problems.


    We have some staff who work alternate weeks on certain days, for example every other Saturday. The system can't handle this so we have to just say they work a Saturday. We do post a rota for clarification, but many people don't look at it, even though we have posts to ask that they do. As such, we often have people booking for staff on days they're not in and have to cancel the appointments. We do email the person to say we're doing this, but not everyone seems to see it.


    Is it possible to have a drop own next to the days of the week to give the options of 'every week', 'every 2 weeks' etc., or is there another way to do it? I thought about creating a service that was a full day one, and create my own booking for a staff member so they'd show unavailable, but you can't make a service private, so it would come up for anyone to book. Someone is bound to do this at some point.



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    Hello @Singularity and welcome to the Community!


    I do apologize for the delayed welcome and response. When you add a staff member or edit a staff member, there is the option to change that specific staff member's Availability for Appointments to differ from the set business hours.


    If you uncheck Same as Business Hours, it gives you the option to create a schedule specific to that staff member only. Once you have updated the staff member's schedule, you can click save then test your site in an incognito/private browser to verify the changes took effect.


    Again I do apologize for the delayed response and I hope you found this response helpful. Be sure to take a look at the #OpenWeStand topic within the Community for resources and guidance to support businesses during this unprecedented time. also has great resources to utilize for other aspects of the business.


    Have a wonderful rest of your week 😁!

    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. Our issue isn't with that. We do that already. It's the fact that a member of staff works every other Saturday, but it appears that they work every Saturday.