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    How to UnPublish my draft Website + Marketing website



    I am not done creating my website how can i unpublish my unfinished draft?


    Jackie Jones


    Hi @misspriss0262,

    There is not a way to unpublish your site, however you can park your domain so that when your site is accessed your site does not display. Once you want to display your site again, you will just need to point it back to your Website Builder's IP address. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Getting Started

    If you are using WP then you can try changing it to hidden (only you can see) and edit it.

    Can you give a few more specifics on how to do so. I have looked all over that dashboard pages and can't figure it out.

    Former Employee

    Hey @jackiejonescm


    What GoDaddy product are you using? This will help me give you the right information! 



    -GoDaddy Help Writer 

    I'm using Go Daddy Website Builder and would like to know how to unpublish my page.


    Thanks in advance!

    Hi @misspriss0262,

    There is not a way to unpublish your site, however you can park your domain so that when your site is accessed your site does not display. Once you want to display your site again, you will just need to point it back to your Website Builder's IP address. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

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    Thank you! That is exactly what I needed!!



    That didn't work. My published site does not match my designed site. I have screen shots.


    Elements disappear for no reason. Online tech support could not help me.


    Please help! Thank you.


    - Susan

    Jesus **bleep**ing Christ, where is the unpublish button on this terribly designed website builder? For the love of GOD! 

    I absolutely, and TOTALLY agree.  When GoDaddy did this rush to the 'new & improved' Website Builder, they left out critical/useful features of the previous website builder.  Instead of improving on what they had, they seemed to have gone to a low-budget, feature reduced and impoverished product, which I absolutely hate.  From knowing what I previously had, and seeing what is in the 'new' Website Builder, I would not recommend it and will not renew my contract for it, when the current one runs out.  This item is a total piece of garbage, as compared to what exists at other website provider companies.  I used to be able to unpublish pages, easily, and at will, in the 'old' Website Builder.  I could also easily control and see all files that I had on my site.  That is all gone now and is buried within the site.  The 'designers' that came up with this new, impoverished version of Website Builder where totally out of sync with what is typically available from other website providers, for designing/building/caring for a website.  I just spoke with GoDaddy support, who, again, confirmed that the option does not exist for just umpublishing a single page, or being able to see all of the files that you have ever uploaded to your site.  They have taken site control away.  Yep, starting to look for a future provider--now!

    I had not done too much work, before I pushed "Publish" and suddenly found my site was out "live" on the Internet and there was no way to reverse that mistake. I used the "Installatron" application to completely uninstall Wordpress.

    That solved my immediate business problem, but really, GoDaddy, what were you thinking?  There has to be a better way!

    OMG. This is unbelievable. So your only options are to leave an unfinished and/or maybe undecided site up or blow away everything you've done and start over. Really??? Whoever designed this didn't think "hide" or "unpublish" were beneficial options for people who wanted help designing their own sites in the first place? This is really unacceptabe.

    O.k., here is what I can tell you.  You can 'hide' a page.  You do this by selecting one of your menu pages, by 'right clicking' it.  This will bring up a menu, listing all of the selectable pages for your website.  It will bring up a box, with selection choices.  You want to choose the 'edit' option, which is the far left option:







    When you select the edit option, a box will appear with all of the pages on your website listed.  To the right of the page name, you will see an icon that looks like an eye.  When you hover the mouse pointer over this 'eye', it will bring up a 'show/hide' selection.  If you choose 'hide', the page will not be visible on the web.


    show-hide box.jpg


    That is the only way that I know of, which permits you to 'un-publish' a page.   I am not sure if it will let you do this with the homepage.  I have never tried that.  I will say that this was not an issue in Website Builder, Version 6.  You could unpublish, or delete pages easily.  Also in Version 6, you had full control over the files on your system.  You could list them all, delete old, unneeded files.  You had total control over your files.  You have NO control over your files in the current version of Website Builder 7.  You cannot see them, or delete old crap, the files just keep building up in the system.  This is the new 'improvement', to help you!

    Thanks for the additional info. It  doesn't help me, but it might help someone else who simply wants to  hide a page(s).  If this works for all pages, including the home page, it might be a workaround. However, I was testing out building a site so I didn't want ANYTHING to be visible online.  I published it to test full view and functionality, not realizing there was no way to  unpublish  it. The only good thing is that as it's a trial it will expire soon.

    Well, I can't say too much, as I went through the same thing.  I tried the Go Central software and experienced the same situation.  I had tried the free trial period, which I always recommend to do, and found that it was not acceptable.  I stopped working on it and just left it to expire and vanish.  I inherited the Website Builder 6, from a volunteer job that I accepted to do.  For my own site which I created, after they dropped Website Builder 6, and went to the great and inglorious Website Builder 7, I went for managed WordPress instead from them.  I had only tried Go Central, to see if it was a functional improvement over the deficiencies in Website Builder 7, and it was not.  I now see that they are advertising that piece of crap on TV!


    My site was published in error.  Please let me know how to un-publish. Thank you  


    The site builder and its functionalities are so poor I've decided to go with Wix instead...


    Now because I didn't have an effing choice the site was published. I need to unpublish it so that it can be replaced by the Wix one...


    Could someone walk me through it?




    PS - this site builder is the worst piece of WYSIWYG out there. Period. It should be terminated. Or vastly improved to suit users needs.

    First, as I have previously stated before, the Website Builder 7 is a very un-featured piece of work.  The previous Website Builder 6 had more features in it.  They 'dumbed' version 7 down and hailed it as a 'great' idea.  They then get cute and come up with the 'GoCentral' version, which I tried, on the free test basis.  I dropped it immediately, as it is no better than Website Builder.  My suggestion would be to ask GoDaddy to essentially 'reset' your account, and you start fresh with WIX.