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    Re: Unable to provision EasyApache



    No Sir, you chose self managed VPS and now you find that you yourself lack the skills of a sysadmin. 


    That type of knowledge normally does come at a price, that's normally called a wage? Godaddy have to pay wages to the highly skilled sysadmins who do provide full support to those willing to pay for the full service, and that covers their wages! But to be fair, if you consider the difference in price of fully supported VPS or actually digging deep and hiring a sysadmin privately, it's a no-brainer!!


    "How hard can running a server be? I mean I run my FaceBook page ok?"


    It CLEARLY states that self managed means SELF MANAGED and no support!!

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    Getting Started

    HA-HA-HA... Sheesh - with your response, you are only proving that you are unhelpful and not aligned with any "help" that this person-to-person "Community" forum would provide.... Although you reply to many posts, it's unfortunate that you don't actually provide direction, tips, or recommendations.

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    No, banana man, I don't provide free sysadmin services, and neither do GoDaddy as you have discovered.........................!


    I help out but I don't sit down for hours doing freeloaders work for them..................


    @mangoman = "How hard can running a server be? I mean I run my FaceBook page ok?"


    ....and for your info @mangoman I do successfully run my own server!!

    I expected better resources and recommendations from members of the GoDaddy's "community" forum - and from you.

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    You are correct I do have better resources and recommendations.....

    1. first understand I am NOT employed by GoDaddy. I am a freelance developer / sysadmin.
    2. Click on the link below and I will add you to my clients and then bill you for the time it takes me to solve your VPS server problems or find a alternative solution for you...... but not before a proposal and T's and C's are signed digitally with an Acrobat Pro PDF doc.............
    3. How does that sound? Because in the real world that is exactly what Godaddy proposes and get you to agree to before you choose a VPS!! Or any other service.......  aka @rammsteinium