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    Considering WebSite Builder But Need Theme Examples

    Why is it if I go Wix or another builder site, I can see detailed themes and examples. But for WebSite Builder, I have to pay for it first before I can see any themes or examples? Makes me skeptical. I'd rather keep everything on GoDaddy, but without detailed theme examples, I don't wanna roll the dice.

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    Last time I looked there were hundreds of templates in the GoDaddy Website Builder. I feel like the volume is why they perhaps don't display the templates? GoDaddy themes are also highly customizable so that means thousands of different configuration options. GoDaddy produced a video on picking the right template for you and it includes some examples https://youtu.be/JGUzM6DjBns If creating your own website is what you want to do I feel like you can't go wrong with the service and support GoDaddy. Hope that helps?
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