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    I have created a contact form to collect and e-mail interest information. I had a person that was using a MAC computer with Chrome try to fill out the form without success. The submit button at the end of the form was grayed out. They had filled in all of the required fields. I had them open the MAC safari browser to the same form. I then had them copy the information from the from the Chrome browser into a the the MAC safari browser. The Safari browser worked for them.


    Do I need to change something on my web page to enable the chrome browser used on a MAC computer? I have Chrome on my Windows 10 PC and it works as expected.


    Is this a known bug? 

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    Hi @dlacres

    This is not a known bug that we are aware of. Can you link us to your site's contact form so we can see if we can duplicate? 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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