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    exceeded the allotted disk space for hosting account.


    Recently I received Important Hosting Account Notice from Godaddy says the I exceeded the allotted disk space for hosting account, I believe that was false notification cause I don't store big files on my web hosting, so I login in my dashboard and I see there's 337 GB out of 150 GB of disk space indicator.
    Wow that's awful !!
    to double check this issue I login in SSH and go to home directory and executed estimate file space usage command like this


    du -ckhs * | sort -rn | head

    and I got the output like this

    940K tmp
    28K scc
    8.4G total
    8.4G html
    4.0K scctmp
    4.0K htconfig
    4.0K error_logs
    4.0K crontab.disabled
    0 crontab

    So it's says that I use just 8.4 GB from 150 GB.
    Now I wonder what's cause this in my web hosting due I still received notification from Godaddy

    Thank you

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    Helper I

    Re: exceeded the allotted disk space for hosting account.


    It could be an error with one of the files in the website. What hosting plan are you using and what platform do you have your website on?

    Check to see if everything is up to date. If a script is outdated or doesnt load all the way it could cause slow loading and send false errors.

    ~ eVersatile