6 incredible woman-powered drip email campaigns

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Want to build a super-strong connection with your audience? Use drip email campaigns!

You may be wondering, “What the heck is a drip email campaign?” Drip campaigns are series of autoresponder emails that you can schedule to be sent at specified intervals.

We identified six women who are getting great results with autoresponder drip campaigns. On average, these women achieve an 80% view rate for the initial email in the campaign. (That’s ridiculous!) For the second and third emails, their average is 69%. Outstanding.

These women know how to keep people’s attention with fresh email marketing! What can we learn from their drip campaigns?

Offer high-value drip campaigns as signup incentives

Hannah Marcotti is a soulful life coach for women and host of “Magic Making Circle” in Providence, RI. Hannah offers a free gift for newsletter subscribers (yep, it’s a drip campaign!). Near her web form, she writes, “Sign up and receive 5 prompts towards creating your own vision book. A magical little gift that will change your life.” The subscribe button reads, “Get My Free Gift!”

Her lovely emails look like this:

Drip Email Campaigns from Hannah

Give each autoresponder email in the drip campaign a clear subject line

Hannah’s subject lines are quite clear in that they include the number of the email, as well as the topic of the day for the vision book. A lot of the other high-performing drip campaigns feature clear subject lines as well. Take Julie Gillies‘s “5 Days of Extravagant Prayer” drip email campaign for example. Julie is a writer and speaker whose mission is to help women believe, pray, and dream (more). She keeps the subject line clear for her readers, starting with “5 Days of Extravagant Prayer,” all the way through “5 Days of Extravagant Prayer – Day 5.”

Here’s a snapshot of one of Julie’s prayerful emails:

Drip Campaigns Prayer Email

Put yourself out there

Like many of the other women featured here, Julie shares details of her life that may draw others in. Karen Ehman does this well, too. Karen is a Christian writer and speaker who wants to help other women live their priorities and love their life: faith, family & friends (in that order). In her “Pause Before You Pounce 5-Day Challenge” drip campaign, Karen opens with a story about losing it with her kids. Human? Check? Trust-building? You bet!

Here’s what Karen’s personal, thought-provoking emails look like:

Drip Campaigns Karen

Include multimedia content to show off your product or service

Kristen Kalp from Brand Camp offers a program called Sales Without Shame (the photographer’s step-by-step guide to soaring income & super-satisfied clients). Her website features a free program sampler that is delivered via drip campaign. In the first email, she delivers the goods: a 12-page PDF and an audio recording of a SWS preview call. Very professional! In the second email, she asks readers to share SWS with three people (with copy + paste suggestions!).

Kristen’s professional, to-the-point emails look like this:

Drip Campaigns Kristen

Share your infectious enthusiasm

While their topics vary greatly, all of these women write with a lot of spunk. Brooke Snow is a great example! Brooke is a photographer who helps others find their creative inspiration, use photography to heal hearts and strengthen relationships, and discover their own path to a thriving life. She takes a fairly straightforward topic — photography perspectives — and creates a drip campaign full of multimedia content that truly inspires.

Brooke’s clean, modern emails look like this:

Drip Campaigns Brooke

Include a surprise gift or offer

Raine from limetreefruits.com has a mission to add color, joy, and fun to people’s lives through eye-candy functional artwork. One of her specialties is planners. In her “Filofax Starter Kit” drip campaign, the first two emails say {1/2} and {2/2} in the subject lines. But wait … there’s more! Then she throws in a “Surprise! :D” email with a free printable planner. Her final email includes a strong call to action: now that you’re hooked, buy a LimeTreeFruits Planners Membership. 

Raine’s colorful, enthusiastic emails look like this:

Drip Campaigns Raine

Give your drip email campaigns your own special sauce!

We hope you picked up a few tips from these incredible drip campaigns (and the equally incredible women behind them!).

But the #1 thing you can do to connect with your audience is to make your drip campaigns truly your own — to infuse them with your own brand of awesome. Give people something unique that only you can offer!

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