A dozen resources for bloggers to bookmark

A blogger’s dozen

There are countless resources available to the modern blogger. Gone are the days of scrounging for tips and tricks; now, a simple search for “resources for bloggers”on Google yields umpteen results (actually, as of this writing, 32.7 million results in less than one-quarter of a second. Impressive.) to help you build and boost your blog.

So why I am wasting my time putting together a measly dozen resources for bloggers to bookmark? It’s called curation, baby. I’m here to help. After all, who’s got time to wade through those 32.7 million “resources for bloggers” results for the tastiest morsels? Nobody! But I’ve been looking into this stuff for quite awhile now, so I’m happy to do you a solid and share my 12 favorite blogging resources.

Bookmark ‘em. (Or just bookmark this post to have all the bookmarks bookmarked via one bookmarked link. Oh no, I’ve gone cross-eyed.)

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a great way to drive people who want to tweet your goodies back to your site. You write a message you want others to share in this little box, and create a custom link that allows them to tweet it out. This does more than spread your words of wisdom; it introduces new eyes to your site. Make sure you are posting some awesome knowledge nuggets to get people excited about you so they will want to learn more!


Whether you’re a newb or a seasoned blogging veteran, odds are at some point you’ll seek guidance for creating more killer online content. Copyblogger is a great, FREE source for tips and tricks to attract attention, drive traffic, and build the business of your blog. The goods on Copyblogger feel real to me, not like the jargony content you find on some blogger resource sites. Jargony? Not a word, but you get my point! Coining that now … Don’t be too jargony!

Down for Everyone or Just Me?

Have you ever gone to a site like Google or Twitter and been unable to connect, and immediately wondered if the Internet broke or if it was just your computer? Or, even worse, heard from your social media followers that they can’t access your blog? Lovely. Down for Everyone or Just Me? can help. It will answer that question faster than you can pull your hair out with worry!

Google Docs

If you’re not using Google Docs you’re missing out on a plethora of freebie awesomeness. You can create surveys, entry forms for giveaways, presentations and more! But I think the best part of using Google Docs is that you can access all your documents  — spreadsheets, post drafts, images, you name it — from wherever you’ve got an Internet connection. Saving stuff on your desktop is passé, my friend. It’s all about the cloud! Plus, if you’re working with a team or some sweet virtual assistants (jealous!) you can share your docs anytime, anywhere. So much win!

Google Keyword Planner

Mmmkay, speaking of Google. Most bloggers love the Google. They want to please the Google, and they know that the Google can drive some delicious traffic to their site. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner helps you figure out how to please our favorite search engine. Learn what keyword phrases will resonate with your audience and what highly searched key phrases will bring those elusive readers to your page.

HARO, my hero

HARO (aka “Help a Reporter Out”) is this awesome service that lists journalists and the types of sources they’re seeking for upcoming pieces. You can see exactly what reporters in your particular niche are looking for, and then pitch them based on what they need. It’s a beautiful thing! At a minimum, you might get a quote and a plug for your site. At best you could score a full interview with The New York Times. Yea, baby! Then, after you get a taste of web fame, you can leverage it continue building your clout and street cred.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator  

The fact that I love Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator might make some bloggers call me lazy, but you know what? I don’t care! Sometimes your brain just gets completely fried from coming up with topic ideas all damn day. That is where this blog topic generator comes in. I type in one to three nouns in the generator and BAM! It generates five topics for me. Sure, sometimes they are grammatically incorrect or just plain dumb because they come from an algorithm — but even those silly ideas can spark true inspiration. Every little thing helps, right?


Technology is constantly changing, and like it or not, your job requires you to keep up with those changes. Luckily, Mashable is here to inform you while entertaining you. You’re welcome!

What day is it?  

You know those quirky days like National Doughnut Day, National Ice Cream Day and National Martini Day? National Day Calendar tells you the fun, wacky and unusual days that are not on a traditional calendar. Besides hooking you up with blogging ideas, this resource can help you place them on your own editorial calendar. Wondering if something you want to blog about has a national day or month affiliated with it? Type it in the search box and you’ll know instantly! I can’t wait to write about hot dogs next July.


I know, I know, every blogger who understands the value of strong images on their site has a favorite photo editing app. Canva is awesome. Some people love Pixlr. Photoshop is amazing if you’re smart enough to figure it out (and can afford it). I’m a PicMonkey girl. I find it’s easy for me to lay some sick text atop images, create cool custom pics and memes, or just design collages that are the bee’s knees. Your blog needs pics anyway — they might as well be awesome sauce!


Problogger was the first professional blogging resource I bookmarked when I decided I wanted to do this for a living — and it’s still a go-to site for blogging inspiration and education. From podcasts to help you build a better blog to an entire section devoted to making more money as a blogger, Problogger throws out some indispensable content for those of us who take this stuff seriously.

Social Media Examiner

Trying to figure out which social media tools are right for you? Want some comprehensive guides and easy to understand information on all things Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest? Social Media Examiner is the site you seek.

That’s my Top 12. Why 12? Some of my favorite things are sold by the dozen: doughnuts, eggs, doughnuts, cupcakes and doughnuts. Now, I want to hear from you, my bloggy friends! What is the must-bookmark site that you can’t imagine life as a blogger without? Leave me a comment down below and tell me why it rocks your digital world!

Image by: SheriW via Compfight cc