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The wait is over. You can now take advantage of a faster, more modern Bulk Search tool and purchase aftermarket domains directly from the GoDaddy Investor App.

First, our Domain Investor app. Now, whenever or wherever you are, you can take full advantage of GoDaddy’s Domain Auctions, giving you access to the largest domain inventory in the market. From searching to bidding and checking out, you can now use the Domain Investor app! No need to log into a computer for additional steps as the entire experience is synced to your account.

Don’t have the app yet? Get it here:

Next, our Bulk Domain Search tool. We completely revamped both the appearance and the performance of the tool. Buy one domain or hundreds of domains at a time. What’s new:

  • Streamlined experience – from search to check out, an intuitive experience without recommendations for additional products
  • File upload – our tool now gives investors the ability to upload a saved file with search terms
  • Higher performance – our new Search is 4X faster and our Continue to Cart functionality is more than 50X faster than before

Check our Bulk Domain Search tool

With these new changes, you can easily search, view, sort, and register the domains you are looking for in just a few clicks. By either importing a predetermined list or typing domains of interest, the Bulk Domain Search tool helps you find the right domains for you. The experience is tailored to our customers, regardless of level of experience or stage of business, to take advantage of the largest aftermarket domain inventory available. The tool is live today and will be rolled out globally over the next couple of weeks.

In the upcoming months, you’ll see additional enhancements to our Bulk Domain Search tool with even more valuable functionality.

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