Say goodbye to WordPress manual updates & hello to Pro Sites’ automatic updates

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Scheduled Updates for plugins & themes!

What’s the most time consuming and frustrating task in WordPress? We all know it, it’s having to log in and perform updates across your WordPress websites. If you don’t you can risk a security breach on your own site and even worse on your clients! We have made this all easier for you with bulk updates available, and now we have taken it up a notch: Automatic Updates.

From now on you can schedule all of your updates, across all of your websites on Pro Sites. That goes for regular and Safe Updates, giving you also the option to rollback if something goes wrong.

A day in a life of a Pro with automatic updates

You log in into a clean, updated dashboard. You log in for fun, while having your morning coffee, just because you missed playing around on our dashboard. Imagine knowing that all of the updates you scheduled were performed when your website traffic was at its lowest.

The ability to schedule updates gives you the flexibility to select the most convenient time and date for your updates, so that in case something does go wrong, it’s when 90% of your customers are sleeping.

Scheduling plugin and theme updates is easy

Rather than worrying about when you scheduled your plugin updates versus when you scheduled your theme updates, with our scheduled updates you know that it’s all being updated at the same time. You can forget that feeling that wakes you up in the middle of the night when you know you forgot something.

We tell you when it’s done!

With event notifications, you don’t even have to login to see if your scheduled updates have been performed.  You can choose to whom you want your notifications to be sent to, clients and collaborators can only receive notifications for the websites they have been assigned. Also note that custom notifications can only be set on a single website, for bulk websites we ask you to use your global settings.

scheduled updates

One or many sites

Our scheduling tool works with a single or across many websites. That means you can custom schedule for every single website on your dashboard, or if you prefer you can do it per client – it’s up to you! One thing to remember, if you have already set up a scheduling time on a single website, and you decide to include it when setting up scheduling across many websites, the bulk settings will override the single website settings.

When even added a new tab to help you distinguish, which plugins you have scheduled and which you have forgotten.

Can it all be done with safe updates?

Yes! The scheduling of updates applies also to our safe updates feature. You can choose to schedule bulk safe update or perform scheduled safe updates on a single website. If you decide that you want to perform safe updates, make sure that you have the premium backup solution enabled on your selected websites. You need real time backups available so that we can rollback to your latest backup in case something goes wrong.

Safe updates gives you the option to rollback or not. You can choose which you prefer. If you do select the rollback option we will ask you for FTP credentials, so make sure you have them handy.

To get started using our automatic updates, take a look at our step by step guide:

We have come out with the plugin and theme automatic updates for now, but we are planning automatic WordPress core updates next!

If you have any additional questions or you just want to tell us what you think – talk to us on our Community Forum!

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