Best WordPress podcasts to catch in 2020

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With so many changes happening in WordPress lately, there’s always something new to learn — from Gutenberg and design updates to security, plugins and even community development, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The best WordPress podcasts can keep you in the know while you’re on the go.

As WordPress grows, so do ways we can stay connected and up to date.


You can subscribe to newsletters and blogs (like this one!), watch a video or attend a meetup.

In the past few years, podcasts have become one of the most popular ways to learn and participate in communities, and for good reason. You can subscribe for free on your favorite channels, squeeze in some quality listening time while washing the dishes or going for a run, and sometimes interact with the hosts live if they record on Facebook or other social media.

You may even be lucky enough to be invited on as a guest!

For these and so many other reasons, podcasts have seen a meteoric rise in listenership, with podcasting’s share of listeners more than doubling between 2014 and 2019. That’s an astounding 122% increase.

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Best WordPress podcasts to catch in 2020

Here are a few of the best WordPress podcasts you won’t want to miss in 2020, in no particular order.

Disclosure: I’ve been a guest on WPCoffeeTalk, Hallway Chats and WPBlab, but am not affiliated with any podcasts on this list.

1. WP&UP #PressForward podcast

Best WordPress Podcasts WP And UP

Host: Nathan Wrigley

WP&UP is a registered charity on a mission to promote and support positive mental health within the WordPress community. On its weekly #PressForward podcast, host Nathan Wrigley invites one guest per episode to talk WordPress-related things as well as mental health.

Some recent episodes

Episode # 33: “Breaking down and building up”
Agency owner Jan Koch tells the story of his experience of and recovery from a nervous breakdown.

Episode # 32: “How I managed after a panic attack”
Tim Nash remembers how his life changed after that moment.

Episode #31: “My recent discovery of WordPress”
Leo Mindel recounts how he discovered WordPress and coped with personal bereavement.

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2. The Matt Report

Best WordPress Podcasts The Matt Report

Host: Matt Medeiros

One of the WordPress space’s most respected podcasts, the Matt Report does a great job of teaching online business owners how to build a successful business. Entrepreneur and host Matt Medeiros has published more than 350 episodes about WordPress development, ecommerce, customer service and more.

Learn about everything from creating and launching successful products to finding profitable niches, exiting solopreneurship and publishing a book (with Company of One author Paul Jarvis).

Some recent episodes

“Finding product-market fit with Vova Feldman”
The founder of Freemius, a platform that helps WordPress software developers monetize their products, talks about .org and the shifting business opportunities, how to onboard customers, and how the Freemius team is taking on challenges.

“Pricing WordPress projects”
Keith Devon of the PricingWP podcast and Elliot Taylor of talk pricing methodology for WordPress projects — useful for both beginners and veterans.

“Biggest lesson learned with $15k in seed funding”
Matt tells us what he learned from co-founding a company with a friend and $15,000 — how he spent the money, then packed it in. Listen to explore lessons learned and gain insight into how to execute on your ideas.

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3. WPCoffeeTalk

Best WordPress Podcasts WPCoffeeTalk

Host: Michelle Frechette

Listening to this podcast is like grabbing coffee with a couple of friends — casual, comfortable and uplifting. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee, tea or beverage and meet an amazing member of the WordPress community on each episode. Each interview involves a chat with the guest to learn about them and how they use WordPress. Plus, most guests bring along their favorite mug!

Some recent episodes

“Aida Correa”
A serial WordCamp speaker and volunteer, Aida’s passion is helping others discover how WordPress and the WordPress community can benefit them! Bonus: She builds websites for startups and is an amazing artist, writer and designer.

“Christie Witt”
An integral player in the WordPress community, Christie hails from Ottawa, Canada. She shares a bit about her graphic design and branding business, what drives her involvement in WordPress and much more.

“Sam Smith”
Why in the world would a firefighter leave an adrenaline-pumping job to become a web developer and support technician? Find out in this episode, where Sam details his journey into tech.

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4. Women in WP

Best WordPress Podcasts Women in WP

Hosts: Amy Masson, Tracy Apps and Angela Bowman

This bi-monthly podcast features women who blog, design, develop and market in the WordPress community. Amy, Tracy and Angela do a fantastic job of attracting a diverse roster of guests with a wide range of experience and perspectives, from accessibility advocates to passionate designers, marketers, developers, WordCamp organizers and more.

Some recent episodes

Episode #23: “Building diversity with Allie Nimmons”
Diversity has rightfully become a hot topic in the WordPress community (and the tech industry at large) in the past few years. Self-taught web designer and developer Allie talks about building diversity and highlights a few intriguing parallels between acting and WordPress.

Episode # 20: “Networking with Cami MacNamara”
Ever wondered how networking is different when you work from home? It’s definitely doable and Cami shares some insightful tips and recounts how the work-from-home concept has evolved over the past few years.

Episode #17: “Blogging for business with Niki Robinson”
What’s cornerstone content? Why should you invest time writing long-form content? How can you solve issues that crop up as a result of duplicate or outdated plugins? Niki, a word wrangler with a passion for content strategy and SEO/data analysis, answers all these questions and more in this jam-packed episode.

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5. wp_contribute()

Best WordPress Podcasts wp_contribute

Host: Christina Workman

Just launched in December 2019, this podcast profiles contributors in the WordPress community and highlights different ways to contribute, whether you code or not.

Some recent episodes

Episode #3: “Ken Gagne”
In this episode, we meet Ken, whose background in editorial content journalism and sysops led him to start using WordPress in 2006. He now works for Automattic and has 13 WordPress blogs.

Episode #2: “Michelle Frechette”
This episode spotlights Michelle, host of WPCoffeeTalk (named previously), head of customer service at GiveWP and WordCamp organizer. The conversation is a great intro to anyone in the WordPress community wondering how they can get involved.

Episode #1: “Aaron Campbell”
As head of the WordPress ecosystem at GoDaddy, international speaker and open web advocate, Aaron brings a unique perspective about WordPress, its role in the open-source movement, Contributor Days and more.

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6. WPwatercooler

Best WordPress Podcasts WPwatercooler

Hosts: Jason Tucker, Steve Zehngut, Sé Reed, Russell Aaron and Jason Cosper

Remote workers don’t have an office watercooler they can visit to chat with their coworkers, but WPwatercooler is the next best thing. The show on the WPwatercooler Network brings together people from across the WordPress community to discuss the content management system and how it’s changing their businesses and their lives. Meet different panelists in each episode.

Some recent episodes

EP350 – “All about WordPress Maintenance”
A website isn’t a “set it and forget it” asset. Someone has to maintain it, whether that’s you, your host or a professional, because there’s always something changing. You’ll need security, code, plugin, theme and content updates, and more. This episode tells you what maintenance is, how to go about it, how much it costs and why it’s important.

EP341 – “The joys of good WordPress web hosting”
Choosing your WordPress host involves an incredible amount of trust and research. Finding the right one is critical to your business. From integrated staging environments to uptime rates, free daily backups and the most recent PHP and server-side caching, this episode gives you the goods on what to look for.

EP335 – “Conflicts of Interest – What WordCamp and WordPress meetup organizers should know”
The discussion around conflicts of interest in the WordPress community is important to its current and future health and continues to evolve. This episode has panelists discussing different kinds of conflict of interest situations, how to approach them and whether we can accept conflicts of interest in some situations.

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7. WPblab – A WordPress Marketing podcast

Best WordPress Podcasts WPblab

Hosts: Jason Tucker and Bridget Willard

Also published on the WPwatercooler Network, WPblab has a different twist than its counterpart; the WordPress-focused marketing show features fun conversations between Jason and Bridget as they explore topics from branding, email marketing and search to State of the Word (WordCamp US’s annual keynote) commentary.

Some recent episodes

EP143 – “Should you brand your company or your name?”
At some point, many of us will ask how we should brand our businesses — as a company or with our own name. There are factors to consider, and pros and cons to weigh. In this episode, Jason and Bridget tackle this perennial question and throw in a discussion on how to maintain a private life and market yourself.

EP140 – “How are you marketing reviews? with Tevya Washburn”
You’ve probably got a bunch of great reviews for your business spread across social media and your website, but are you putting them to use? Tevya, the founder of Starfish Reviews, answers all your questions.

EP133 – “Keeping your email marketing audiences interested”
Looking to build your email list but have no idea where to start? Email marketing expert Amy Hall is here to demystify the process — and give a few tips on how to keep your email marketing audiences interested.

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8. WP-Tonic

Best WordPress Podcasts WP-Tonic

Hosts: Jonathan Denwood and Adrian Tobey

This long-running weekly WordPress podcast gets a mention for its niche target audience: online course creators and LMS (Learning Management Systems) business owners. With a mission to help listeners generate more income and impact through a WordPress-based LMS, the show tackles topics such as website security, bootstrapping your business, content marketing, how to successfully launch digital products and courses, and more. Plus, there’s a roundtable episode every Friday.

Some recent episodes

#462 “We discuss how to identify your ideal client/clients for 2020!”
Do you know who your ideal client is and how you can best serve them? Adrian and Jonathan discuss how to best align your practices, processes and marketing with that person.

#455 “With special guest Brian Gill, founder & chairman of Gillware”
Security is a perennial topic in WordPress, and for good reason: One hack or incident could take down your site and cost you profits. You can take preventative measures to drastically reduce the risk to yourself, your clients and your business. In this episode, learn about user authentication, passwords, backups, mock restores and more.

#457 “With special guest Rob Walling”
Successfully bootstrapping a WordPress product can be full of both challenges and rewards. From keeping customers satisfied to solving technical issues, managing stress and iterating on success, there’s never a dull moment. Rob, joint founder of Drip, angel investor and author of the ebook “Start Marketing the Day You Start Coding,” recounts his adventures and lessons learned.

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9. WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast

Best WordPress Podcasts WP Elevation

Hosts: Troy Dean, Kristina Romero, Cath Hughes, Michael Killen and Gin McInneny

WP Elevation is a respected producer of step-by-step courses for agencies and freelancers on a mission to grow their recurring revenue. Its podcast covers six main categories to help you grow a profitable business, including processes, getting clients, recurring revenue, growth, tech and balance. This well-rounded show covers everything from how to beat imposter syndrome to content marketing and money management.

Episode 240 – “Annie Wright’s tips for using neuroplasticity to overcome impostor syndrome”
For many entrepreneurs, negative self-talk can affect not only how we see ourselves but also our businesses. Psychotherapist and coach Annie explains how we can cultivate a more positive mindset and overcome impostor syndrome using neuroplasticity.

Episode #238 – “How to manage your money to grow your business with Nev Harris”
If you’re an agency owner or freelancer who finds business finances scary or confusing, you’re far from alone. Money expert Nev provides simple but essential tips on understanding margins, talking with your accountant, and more.

Episode #230 – “Brian Casel explains why productized services rule”
Brian is a serial entrepreneur and full-stack product designer/developer whose passion for productizing services has led him to create courses, host podcasts, build tools for agencies and more. In this episode, he shares the story of how he went from stressed freelancer to successful industry leader.

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10. Do the Woo at BobWP

Best WordPress Podcasts Do the Woo at BobWP

Hosts: BobWP, Brad Williams, Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland

The year 2020 brings a new chapter for highly respected WordPress podcaster and blogger BobWP, who’s rebranded his website and podcast to Do the Woo on, with a focus on WooCommerce.

It’s now a weekly show, with Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland joining the roster of hosts and bringing an even more diverse perspective to each episode, which features an individual from the WooCommerce community and two to three news topics.

Some recent episodes

“Woo Talk with Brad Touesnard from Delicious Brains”
Brad shares how his company’s products play a major role in the WooCommerce space. Listen for valuable in-depth insights and experiences from a longtime WooCommerce user.

“Travel, accessibility and WooCommerce with Dale Reardon”
As a person who is legally blind and a passionate advocate for equality, anti-discrimination and disability rights, Dale has a lot to say about the state of web accessibility. He also launched the new site Travel for All, targeted to globe trotters seeking accessible and inclusive travel. As the issue of accessibility comes to the forefront, this is an essential episode to have in your queue this year.

“Creating content, schema and WooCommerce Marketplace and Admin with Mario Peshev”
As an agency owner, Mario brings valuable insights from his experience in publishing content across the web. The new WooCommerce Admin dashboard and updates on schema in Yoast SEO are also highlighted in this episode.

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11. Hallway Chats

Best WordPress Podcasts Hallway Chats

Hosts: Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey

However we choose to contribute to the WordPress community, our stories connect us all. Tara and Liam do an incredible job of digging deep to share the stories of our diverse open source ecosystem. Each episode features a different guest whose name you may not have heard yet, but whose story is unique and powerful.

Some recent episodes:

Episode 120 – “Shannon Shaffer”
Mom, travel enthusiast and doer of WordPress stuff, Shannon tells the story of her transition from corporate soldier to the owner of Purple Finch Studios, a small digital agency based in Pennsylvania.

Episode 110 – “Paul Oyler”
Self-proclaimed “crazy old dude,” Paul may still wish it were the 1970s, but he’s absolutely in love with 21st-century technology. In this episode, he remembers his journey from Dreamweaver to WordPress and looks toward a future in website maintenance.

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12. WP eCommerce Show

Best WordPress Podcasts WP eCommerce Show

Host: BobWP

Looking for a more general ecommerce podcast? WP eCommerce Show is a great pick. Also hosted by BobWP, every episode features a wide range of guests on topics including the open web, privacy, social sharing, membership sites and marketing.

Some recent episodes

“Predictions for 2020 in the eCommerce space”
Every year brings new changes in ecommerce, and who better to get an overview on trends and predictions for the months ahead from than leading industry thought leaders? In this episode, Bob brings on a panel of experts to weigh in about what they think 2020 will hold.

“From blog to membership site with Evan Medeiros”
Creating a membership site can pay off for both you and your audience. But how do you start and maintain the high-quality content your audience expects? Evan Medeiros, the founder of The Trade Risk and a do-it-yourself back-end developer, shares his story of transitioning from a blog to a membership site.

“Privacy, eCommerce and WordPress with Chris Wiegman”
Privacy and security are always at the forefront for any online business owner, and that’s even more true when you have an online store. Chris Wiegman, a senior software engineer at WPEngine, shares his perspective on privacy issues, best practices, tips on what to look for when making a purchase online and much more.

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Wrapping up the best WordPress podcasts

Podcasts can be a great source of information for anyone looking to learn more about various facets of WordPress and meet members of the community.

Whether you’re seeking up-to-date, reliable advice on privacy and security, hot takes on trends in ecommerce or insights from up and coming creative entrepreneurs, there’s a WordPress podcast out there for you.

So go ahead — discover a few new favorites, hit that subscribe button and start listening today!