Brand your website as a hub with a .social domain name

Meet me at .social

Being a social butterfly isn’t easy. OK, that’s not true at all. For me, it’s very easy. It’s second nature actually. I probably don’t know how to be any other type of me. So, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about the new .social domain extension. It was as though someone was thinking of me and simply wanted to make me happy.

Of course, the existence of this amazing new domain really has nothing to do with me, but being social like I am, it’s pretty much all I talk about anymore.

The social differentiator

Whether you’re just building your own personal blog, blogging for profit, or building your business online, social media is going to be an important consideration. Are you reading this on your PC, laptop, or phone? You’re online somewhere, right? And if you’re in business of any kind, your customers are online, too, and they are looking for you.

Your online social interactions can win you new fans from among the millions of consumers getting social on the Web.

Connecting with your customers through social media can make all the difference. Your current and potential customers are posting on Facebook®, Instagram® and Pinterest®, sending clever tweets, and networking via LinkedIn® — on their lunch breaks. It’s a social world. And your online social interactions can win you new fans from among the millions of consumers getting social on the Web.

It’s time to get .social

The new .social domain extension makes your social intentions clear: you want to connect.

With a .social page for your brand, you can point to one descriptive, branded website address that’s home to all of your social identities. Think This site might house feeds from your various social channels, cool photo and video galleries, a schedule of upcoming events … the social sky’s the limit.

Of course, if social media IS your business, then .social is the obvious go-to domain extension for you. What’s more? A site with a .social address will makes it easier for people to find your business online.

.social testimony

I admit .social is my personal favorite of all the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love the business-identifying gTLDs like .photography, .club, and the many others available, but .social is relevant for just about every kind of business.

Some of my social-savvy friends think so, too.

“To me, .social implies either social networks or the ability to meet people, events, etc.” ~ D. Patrick Lewis

What an amazing idea — using .social to create and promote events, groups and networks for in-person socializing! I love this!

“If I’m betting on a gTLD, it’s .social. Companies will register under this name not as a defensive move, but as a way to focus their fractured energies and let customers best choose how to stay informed.” ~ Evo Terra

I trust these guys — they know social media. Like them, I think .social can be an incredible tool for helping businesses reach their audience with one simple click.

The .social domain is available now!

Cj Feierabend
As a GoDaddy Social Advocacy Specialist, Cj connects with advocates and influencers to build relationships within the social media community. An award-winning podcaster, and former mommy-blogger, Cj knows her way around the Web. Her love of all things related to social media keeps her engaged and always happy to help others achieve their online goals.