Building a Brand

Are you ready to start building a brand?

At this stage in the entrepreneur journey, you’ve likely fine-tuned your big idea and come up with a plan to make it happen. Now it’s time to create a key component in the foundation for your future success: your brand.

“Your brand is a high-speed emotional shortcut to the promise you make to the world,” writes Christopher Carfi. “Your brand connects the core of what you’re promising to deliver to your customers to a set of triggers that remind the customer of that promise.”

Not sure what’s involved in creating a brand? No worries.

Whether you’re branding a new business or creating a personal brand for a one-of-a-kind independent venture, the resources on this page can help:

  1. Creating Your Brand.
  2. Branding Your Website.
  3. Growing & Managing Your Brand.

Start with a quick (and fun) quiz to figure out your brand personality. Get insights into the key considerations that drive creation of visual brand assets such as your brand colors, fonts and logo.

Learn how to claim your brand’s social media handles and use a custom domain for a professional email address.

Explore how to tell your brand’s unique story on your website with a strategic mix of customized copy, smart typography, branded graphics, high-quality photos and video.

Tight budget? No problem. Find tips, tricks and tools for branding a business without breaking the bank.

Take a deep dive into using social media to grow your brand, and explore different ways to begin earning the “social proof” that boosts consumer trust.

Then keep the momentum going … Learn how to monitor your brand’s reputation online, measure the results of your brand-building efforts, and improve upon them.

We hope these resources will help you create, grow and manage a brand that breaks through all the noise in your niche and makes a lasting impression in all the right ways. Let’s create.

Creating Your Brand

Branding Your Website

Growing & Managing Your Brand