Canary co-founders join GoDaddy

Welcome to the nest

GoDaddy’s quest to empower small businesses just took a big step forward with the addition of Canary co-founders Varun Chirravuri and Shaun Seo to the GoDaddy family. As the creators of Canary — an innovative mobile calendar app that makes managing busy schedules a breeze — Varun and Shaun bring a wealth of experience and expertise to GoDaddy’s Get Found team.

“We are very excited to have Varun and Shaun join our effort to build and scale products — like Get Found —that make our customers’ lives easier and their businesses more successful. Both bring an incredible amount of experience and expertise to our team.” ~ Rene Reinsberg, GM and VP of Product – Presence and Commerce at GoDaddy

Shaun and Varun met at Google®, where they worked on AdSense™ prior to starting their own company. These guys know mobile. They understand how to create a rich user experience. And they’ve come on board to help our company continue to develop and improve kick-ass tools aimed at helping people easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run their own ventures.

“The goal of helping small businesses kick ass is one that we can get behind, and we hope to bring our consumer technology experience to bear on it with the support of the world’s largest domain name registrar,” they said.

It’s go time.

A former small business owner and newspaper journalist, and a published nonfiction author, Andrea Rowland helps craft compelling communications for small businesses and web pros through her work as managing editor of the GoDaddy Garage. When she's not writing or editing, she likes to experiment with baking, travel, read, and dip her toes in the ocean.