Email design begins with the banner image

3 pro tips

The banner image is an integral part of your email newsletter and email design. It has the power to draw your readers in, communicate your message, reinforce your brand and connect visually.

There are a few things you can do to get an extraordinary email design beginning with your banner.

Do-it-yourself design

Take a look at either Flickr’s Common or the ominously named Morgue File for some images you can freely use (just check the permissions first to be sure). Once you’ve found the perfect photo for you, load it into PicMonkey or Aviary to add in some style and text. Brand that banner image with your company name and you’re all set!

Pro tip No. 1: Some folks simply take a picture of their storefront and run it through Instagram’s filters for a cool, vintage vibe.

Hire a designer

Email design isn’t rocket science but sometimes you need an expert. Investing a reasonable sum of money is often worth it. Since your banner image is a static element, you won’t need to change it often (or ever!), so either find a friend with design skills or hire a designer.

Pro tip 2: When working with a designer, the more detail you give them, the happier you’ll both be.

Learn from great email design

Banner images can be particularly effective if they’re representative of your industry or synced with your logo. Check out these examples that caught our eyes.

Consider this ‘bannerspiration’ —some artwork to inspire your banners to loveliness.


Sleek vector banner from Knoq :

Email Design Knoq Banner

Knoq is a Seattle-based community directory that aims to meet needs by matching businesses and locals. Their banner image “tells” and its sleekness communicates professionalism.

Delicate and thoughtful from the Mama Earth Project:

Email Design Mama Earth Banner

The Mama Earth Project uses the same banner on its website. The texture, font and ‘green’ artwork reinforce the tagline (even in its absence): A sacred community for families of the Earth.

Pro tip No. 3: Watch out for overly large file sizes. Read on here to find out why that matters.

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