GoDaddy Pro update: Say hello to your new toolbar

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One more step towards a seamless dashboard

We built GoDaddy Pro to provide two distinct capabilities for web designers & developers:

  1. Securely connecting to your clients’ GoDaddy accounts, and
  2. Managing your clients’ websites, regardless of where they’re hosted

Our work started with GoDaddy Pro Clients, a single place to manage your clients GoDaddy accounts and view their purchase history. Then we added GoDaddy Pro Sites, a single dashboard to manage all your clients’ websites, regardless of where they’re hosted.

Until now, these two experiences were separate. You’d use the header dropdown menu to navigate between them, along with Pro Benefits and My Products.

Old header navigation in GoDaddy Pro
The old header navigation menu in GoDaddy Pro

With our latest update, we’re taking another step towards consolidating everything into a single, seamless dashboard.

Goodbye old header menu, hello new toolbar

We’ve removed the dropdown header menu that was used to navigate between Pro Clients, Pro Sites, and Pro Rewards. These can now be found in the new navigation toolbar.

Inspiration for the new toolbar came from the old sidebar in GoDaddy Pro Sites. We’ve set the sidebar free! Now you’ll find it everywhere in the GoDaddy Pro experience.

GoDaddy Pro dashboard with the new toolbar
The GoDaddy Pro dashboard with the new toolbar

Managing your clients and their sites

The Clients icon in the toolbar takes you to the GoDaddy Pro Clients screen.

This is where you can find all the details about your clients’ GoDaddy accounts. That includes their GoDaddy product purchase history; delegated account access; and activity reports for their GoDaddy products.

GoDaddy Pro Clients
Accessing GoDaddy Pro Clients through the new toolbar

The Sites icon takes you to the GoDaddy Pro Sites screen.

This screen contains information about all the sites you manage, regardless of where they’re hosted, and the clients that you manage them for.

Accessing GoDaddy Pro Sites through the new toolbar
Accessing GoDaddy Pro Sites through the new toolbar

The old Pro Sites Clients list is now a tab within the new Sites screen.

New tab navigation in GoDaddy Pro Sites
New tab navigation in GoDaddy Pro Sites

From here you can run client reports and leave freeform notes on your clients.

You can also jump to the Home and Benefits screens using the appropriate icons on the toolbar.

Need to get back to your My Products screen? In the toolbar, click Exit. This’ll take you back to the homepage. You can get to your products from there.

What’s next for GoDaddy Pro?

We’ll keep improving the GoDaddy Pro experience, but we can’t do it without your input.

Use the Send Feedback option under your GoDaddy Pro user profile menu to share your thoughts with us whenever you want:

Send feedback through GoDaddy Pro
Send your GoDaddy Pro feedback through your profile menu

From time to time, you may also see a prompt to leave a review of your experience using GoDaddy Pro. Please take a few minutes and leave a comment if you can – it’s a tremendous help for our team!

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Image by: Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash