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Here are our most recent product updates.

If you missed what we did previously, check it out here.

Include WooCommerce into Client Reports

Clients can now include WooCommerce statistics into their Client Reports. That means being able to show your clients the value that WooCommerce websites are bringing them. We pull the reports from the WooCommerce plugin directly, so it completely eliminates the need for you to generate and send separate WooCommerce reports.

Adding WooCommerce integration to Client Reports is the first step towards making it possible for you to be able to manage your client’s WooCommerce websites all from one dashboard. Read more about it here.

ManageWP worker plugin in wp-admin labeled as GoDaddy Pro

From now if you are using the GoDaddy Pro dashboard and working from Pro Sites, you will see that the ManageWP Worker plugin is labeled as GoDaddy Pro. That way when you are working with your clients and you choose not to white label, your branding is unified.

Shared Shopping as a Service (CRM Send cart)

We are now able to offer PWS Custom Web store products and Custom Logo Design to GoDaddy customers. For information about shared shopping and how it works, check out this article.

Reward Points now viewable in the navigation bar

As a Pro you will now be able to see your reward points in the navigation bar when you log in to MYA. This means you can easily track how many reward point you earnt so far. Thank you for letting us know you needed this, and hope you enjoy it.

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