Over the summer, GoDaddy conducted an audit of internal salary data. We analyzed like-for-like roles and compared how men and women were placed in the salary band for comparable roles. We found that, on average, for every dollar a man makes at GoDaddy, a woman is paid roughly one cent more. Women specifically in technical roles at GoDaddy make approximately 99 cents on the dollar. In the management ranks, women are paid an estimated 96 cents on the dollar.

On the whole, women and men are paid close to parity, as illustrated below:

GoDaddy Compensation Parity 2015 Info Graphic

Why conduct the audit? Because we want to address gender diversity and inequality in the technology industry. We made a commitment to make that happen during this past summer’s White House Demo Day. Publishing gender diversity and salary statistics annually is part of that commitment.

Click here for more information on GoDaddy’s commitment to gender diversity and our annual audit.