Here’s why you don’t need a second phone for your business

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Two phones is too many

When you run a small business, keeping your personal calls separate from your business calls is paramount. You can’t afford to miss out on any potential opportunities due to the constraints of a single phone number. While many people try to do this by using a dedicated device for each type of call, having two cell phones actually makes customer communication more difficult.

With a second phone, you’ll always need to make sure that both devices are within reach and in good working order, not to mention the additional costs. These concerns will have a direct and negative impact on your work/life balance.

With a second phone line app like SmartLine, it’s easy to keep your business and personal communication separate without the added costs and confusion of using an additional mobile device.

A second phone makes communication less efficient

Small business owners need to manage a myriad of different tasks to keep their company running smoothly. That means that efficiency is a key part of everything you do. Having two phones might sound like a great solution to help you stay organized, but you’re actually setting yourself up for more confusion.

With a second phone, you need to keep track of where both devices are at all times. Imagine you’re working out of your home office; that doesn’t sound like too much of a hassle, does it? What if you need to run an errand or meet with a client, maybe you’re headed out to dinner with the family — not only will you need to remember to take both phones with you, you’ll need to carry them somewhere and make sure both are fully charged.

A second phone means you need to keep track of multiple chargers and battery packs as well. You won’t be able to charge both at the same time with just a single charger. All of these factors make it more difficult for you to keep your business and personal calls separate.

Both phones can also ring at the same time or while you’re involved in a call on the other device. This means you have to make the decision to either end your current conversation early or miss out on another call. At every step of the way, you’re forced to make decisions that can have a direct impact on how easy it is for you to communicate with customers and prospects.

Having two cell phones is expensive

Another consideration with using a second phone for your business communication is the price. When you have two cell phones, there are additional charges related to the setup and maintenance of that phone. As a small business owner, keeping your spending to a minimum is paramount.

Depending on your provider, adding a second phone to your contract can increase the cost by $50 to $100 a month. That doesn’t even include the cost of purchasing a new device, insuring it, or making repairs if necessary.

Those costs increase even more if you’re considering using a toll-free or 800 number. Don’t let the costs of an additional phone impact your bottom line when a second phone number app can significantly cut down on these costs.

Work/life balance is easier with one phone

Having two phones makes it harder to keep your professional and private lives separate. You’ll always have to think about where your business phone is, whether or not it’s charged, or if it’s okay to turn it off/make it go to voicemail during your off hours.

With SmartLine, you can eliminate these issues entirely. All of your business contacts are listed in the app alongside their conversation history, and you’ll immediately know whether your business or personal number is being called when your phone rings with the designated notifications.

Setting up your business voicemail is easy as well. Not only can you record a greeting, but you’ll also receive automatic text transcripts of any message that’s left. And, most importantly, you can set specific business hours when your phone will ring or go directly to voicemail. This makes it easy to disconnect from your hectic day-to-day responsibilities and foster a better work/life balance.

How SmartLine can help

When you use a second phone number app like SmartLine, business calls are automatically separated from your personal ones. You’ll have all the benefits of a designated business phone number without any of the hassles associated with using two cell phones. And it’s a fraction of the cost.

All of your business interactions are stored in the easy-to-use app. Texting, call history, and voicemails are all stored in your personal phone for easy access. It’s a much more efficient solution and one that makes it easy to maintain a healthy but productive work/life balance.

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