6 hotel social media marketing strategies to sway stays

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Want your hotel or B&B to stand out online? Then it’s important to make sure that your hotel social media marketing channels are actively working to bring in new guests — making your loyal customers feel welcome to come back and stay with you, anytime.

6 strategies for hotel social media marketing

Here are some essential marketing tips to spread word-of-mouth about your hotel to guests this year:

  1. Post interior and exterior shots.
  2. Share hotel activities and tips for exploring.
  3. Use seasonal content.
  4. Show off your team.
  5. Share your positive reviews.
  6. Answer all of your reviews in your unique voice.

Ready to use your social media channels to market your hotel? Let’s get started!

1. Post interior and exterior shots

Before booking a stay with you, your guests want to know what the experience will be like at your hotel or bed and breakfast. Show them the interior — your lobby, restaurant, gym, pool and other amenities — and the exterior, including views from their room and shots of your surrounding area.

Guests these days value authenticity and transparency.


If you show them what your business looks like from the inside out, you can build trust and ensure that more guests will book with you.

Here are some great examples on Facebook from Rosemary Inn Bed & Breakfast and Lake Pointe Inn.

2. Share hotel activities and tips for exploring

Posting photos of the inside and outside of your hotel is a great start to having a compelling content marketing strategy, but it’s not enough to keep your followers engaged and attract potential new guests .

You’ll also need to share informative, entertaining and educational content that will benefit your audience.

When it comes to informative content, let them know that they can explore nearby hiking trails, historical sites, bars or restaurants when they stay with you.

Do you provide bike rentals? City tours? Let your audience know! You also can step outside the area directly around your hotel and share travel tips, local insights and activities guests can partake in your city overall.

It will get them thinking of all the things they can do while enjoying their stay with you.


In this example, Hotel Breakwater in Miami, Florida, not only uses user-generated content on Instagram, which is a great way to build relationships and garner engagement, but they also let their social media audience know about the free bikes their guests can use to explore the South Beach boardwalk and local neighborhood:

Here’s an example on Twitter from Hotel Arcata in Arcata, California, letting current and potential guests know what they can explore while staying with them:

3. Use seasonal content

A great way to engage and attract both new and loyal guests is to post content about the time of year. In this example from Rose’s Bay Resort in Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin, there’s one month of summer left to go. They’re tweeting about a very summery snack, s’mores, to remind their guests they can enjoy the remaining weeks of summer at their business. They also used a question in their caption to get their Twitter followers engaged   with responses about how people like their s’mores:

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4. Show off your team

One of the reasons your guests love staying with you is because of the excellent customer service they receive from your team when they stay with you.

Use social media as a way to show off your team and remind your fans and followers of the people who make their fantastic experience possible.

Plus, it’s a great way to start building trust with your audience. If they get to know your team on social media, your business will start to feel familiar to them, and they might feel more comfortable knowing the friendly faces they’ll see when they come in your doors.

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5. Share your positive reviews

As a hotel owner, you know how important guest reviews are to your business. Cross-promoting your positive reviews across your social media channels can help promote your reviews in a compelling way. It’s a great way to encourage other satisfied guests to share their positive experience as your business.

Here’s the Kenwood Inn in St. Augustine, Florida, sharing a very happy customer review with their followers on Instagram:

Pro tip: Using sites like Canva to make quick graphics with customer quotes incorporated is one option for sharing great customer testimonials.

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6. Answer all of your reviews in your unique voice

Responding to all of your customer reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor is extremely important to protect your online reputation and extend your customer service online.

People do extensive research on hotels and their reviews before booking their stay, so make sure all of your feedback (both positive and negative) has a professional, polite response from you so you can continue building trust and building relationships with potential customers.

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