How to collect email addresses with an awesome offer

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You’ve got your website and your email list started, and now all of these marketing people are telling you that you need to offer something so you can collect email addresses of potential fans.

This is one of the only times those marketing people are right. Email marketing has a high return on investment, and 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue (Hubspot).

It’s old news that email marketing is effective, but unlike most internet marketing tactics, email has had an impressive staying power. The best part about that? With GoDaddy Email Marketing, it’s easy to do!

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So how can you collect email addresses? Create an opt-in offer people can’t refuse.

We’re going to go over the why, what, and how of creating an offer your audience will love saying “yes” to.

Why does offering something compel someone to hand over their personal information?


Robert Cialdini’s book Influence is a classic on marketing and psychology that introduced us to the six psychological principles of persuasion. Janet Choi at gives an excellent primer on all six principles here.

Reciprocity is straightforward. I give you something, and you instinctively want to give something back. It’s in our nature.

With a well-crafted opt-in offer, people are happy to give you their email in exchange for what you’re offering — something they actually want.

Now, I know you’ve probably been around the block a few times and seen some offers that are a total joke. Let’s talk about how to avoid creating an offer no one wants.

What makes an opt-in offer great?

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My friend Justin has this great saying: “Be like bacon.”

Why bacon? Well, you don’t want to be oatmeal, right? It’s ubiquitous and boring. Now bacon is different. Bacon has a (somewhat ridiculous) cult following. Bacon is interesting. Oatmeal is not.

You want your opt-in offer to be bacon. To make your offer interesting, it needs to have three traits.

1. It solves a problem.

If you’re not solving your customer’s problem, you don’t deserve to be in business. That said, the problem you help them solve may not be as obvious as a freemium version of your product. Be genuinely helpful, and you’ll find your right people.

If you’re not sure where to start solving your user’s problem, look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and start at the bottom. Start by helping them meet a basic need, and go deeper later.

2. Brevity.

When describing your offer, don’t bombard your newest fan with too much information, or they’ll get distracted from solving their problem.

There’s a big difference between being helpful and causing decision fatigue (which is something you should never do).

3. Great copy.

Your landing page should build instant rapport with great copy. And your thank-you page? It better seal the deal.

And that’s a big ask when you’ve never met. You have to anticipate and predict people’s needs before they ever see your site. How can you possibly be expected to do that?

It’s easier than you think.

How do you come up with the perfect opt-in offer?

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1. Create buyer personas.

Do you know who your ideal customer is? I’m not talking about some vague description of someone who maybe could want what you’ve got. I want you to think of an actual living human being who would benefit from buying your product.

Hubspot’s breakdown of how to create buyer personas is (go figure) worth giving your email away for. Go through the process of creating a persona and you’ll quickly discover how much easier crafting that opt-in offer is.

2. Keep the offer in line with the ask.

It’s one thing to ask for an email address. It’s another to ask for loads of personal information. When you ask someone for their information, whether it’s a phone number or an email address, you have to make sure your offer is in line with that ask.

Depending on your market, you might need to ask for additional information to provide your service, but it’s better to get their email first so they are used to and feel comfortable giving you that information.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

The best opt-in offers are easily consumed. It’s quick, satisfies the need your customer came with, and leaves them content with their fix. It’s the Snickers effect.

Make it easy for your audience to take immediate action. This is crucial. It’s the difference between the ebook that gets forgotten on a hard drive and one that gets perpetually referenced.

How to harness the power of email marketing with landing pages

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You’ve come up with a great opt-in offer. Now you’re ready to collect email addresses. The single best way to do this is by creating targeted landing pages focused on each of your buyer personas.

Keep your landing page focused on the person who most wants what you’ve got, and you’ll have an email list jumping for what you’re offering.

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