How to read email analytics

Analyze connections

GoDaddy’s email analytics begin tracking and updating as soon as you’ve pressed Send. While watching the numbers tick over can be exciting, it’s helpful to keep some perspective about your email newsletter statistics. Use them to your advantage, but no need to obsess!

What are email analytics?

Usually, email statistics or email analytics are a reference to measuring or counting Views (Opens), Clicks, and Unsubscribes.

  • Views – These are contacts who’ve opened your email and viewed it, with images. There aren’t any major inbox clients that automatically download images, so when the images are loaded from GoDaddy’s server, because a reader has clicked ‘View Images,’ we’re able to track it and count it as a View.
  • Clicks – This number represents the number of contacts who’ve clicked on a link in your mailing.
  • Unsubscribes – These are contacts who no longer want to receive your emails.

Email analytics confirm a connection is made with subscribers

Email Analytics

While it’s gratifying to know that, say, 27% of your list engaged with your email, email will never be entirely science or analytics. Instead, think of email analytics in terms of relationship with your readers. if your engagement rate jumped hugely for one topic, then consider writing about that topic more often. It’s not a sign you need to use the same subject line or phrase in every email from here forward. It means you sent them content they valued.

In the same vein, Dean shares valuable perspective on click stats, “Click-through rates tend to be lower than views. Many emailers tend to think of clicks as the most important statistic and the end goal of any effective email. Personally speaking, I find the viewed statistic to be the more indicative statistic as to whether you’re reaching your readers or not and how engaged they are with your emails in general.”

Email analytics will help you learn about yourself as a marketer. They’re a barometer, but not a straight jacket.

Use email analytics to keep your list healthy

Email stats indicate trends, so it’s best to use them as a guide, once you’ve accumulated several months of data. For instance, “Over about 15 sends (or 6 months), you’ll see that much more than 25% of your readers viewed at least one email. The views add up, usually to a nice, high number. These are your fans; let them know you love and appreciate their loyalty! Conversely, someone who never viewed an email in 6 months probably isn’t interested in the next email either.” It’s helpful to isolate these non-viewers and regularly refine your list.

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