Interview with social media powerhouse Dave Kerpen

On creating content, driving leads & automating

Who better to get advice about social media for your small business than the 25th most followed person in the world on LinkedIn? Meet Dave Kerpen.

likeable-local-logoDave is the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, the cofounder and chairman of Likeable Media, a New York Times best-selling author of three books, and the No. 1 LinkedIn Influencer of all time in page views — ahead of Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Mark Cuban, and President Barack Obama.

“Authenticity really breeds trust, and trust breeds business.” ~ Dave Kerpen

Whew, Dave is one busy man. I discovered his work on Twitter a few years ago. While scrolling through hundreds of tweets, his articles always seemed to catch my attention. In addition to sharing great advice, it was clear that he was authentic and genuinely wanted to help business owners succeed.

Sponsored wedding to stellar company

Like many businesses, the Likeable brand started with an interesting idea. In 2006, Dave and his wife, Carrie, were planning to get married. Instead of paying lots of money for a huge wedding, they decided to contact businesses and get the entire event sponsored. Yep, you read that correctly. They threw a sponsored wedding. It generated thousands of media impressions and new business for their sponsors, which led to the creation of their company, Likeable Media.

If that doesn’t inspire you to get creative with your business, I don’t know what will.

In 2013 Dave started Likeable Local, a software product that automates social media for thousands of small businesses. As Dave says in our interview (see the video below):

“Automate as much as you possibly can. Now, you can’t automate everything because there has to be some authenticity, some humanity in your social media, but you can automate a lot. … The more you can automate and get done in specific chunks of time, the more you can build a great social media program despite the fact that you don’t have much time.”

It’s been really cool watching Dave build his brand and continue to inspire and impact thousands of small businesses every day. Since I know how busy he is, I was psyched when he agreed to talk with me to share some of his social media marketing tips. During our chat he revealed some really awesome insights, including:

  • his secret formula for writing a great article on LinkedIn. Hint: “The headline is about 90 percent of what it takes to be successful.”
  • the three types of content businesses can create to generate more shares, likes and comments.
  • the No. 1 thing business owners can do to save time.

We even got to talking about which Shark he would want to get a deal with if he ended up on the hit show, “Shark Tank.” Dave is such a cool guy and I know you’ll walk away with at least one nugget that you can start implementing today to help you grow your business.

I would love to hear what you thought of the interview in the comments below. Let me know what you liked best about it and what piece(s) of advice you will use to help your business grow.

Kate Volman
Kate realized her passion for helping small businesses grow during her career at the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. For nearly a decade she created programs, workshops and initiatives to help entrepreneurs succeed. As a marketing strategist, she helps her clients create and execute results-driven, digital and traditional marketing strategies that are unique to their business. She speaks and facilitates workshops for a number of community organizations and is actively involved at Cendyn Spaces, a co-working space located in Boca Raton, FL. Kate’s love of video marketing and sharing the journey of other entrepreneurs inspires her to interview business owners and capture their stories. You can find her on Twitter, Google+ and YouTube or at