Introducing the GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program for WordPress

Plugin perks for users and authors

Quick poll — raise your hand if you use “vanilla” WordPress without any plugins. Nobody? Can’t say I’m surprised.

Plugins make WordPress awesome and plugin authors make up the bedrock of our WordPress ecosystem.


But as a wise man once said, “Pluginin’ ain’t easy.”

It’s hard for great plugin authors to get found among 40,000+ plugins of varying quality. Add the difficulty of making plugins work across dozens of hosting environments, and you’ve got a party. #pluginauthorproblems

And what about new WordPress users trying to navigate the plugin jungle? How do they know what makes a great plugin — in a way they can easily understand? Is it number of downloads? Ratings? Last updated date? Resolved support requests? How do you evaluate plugins that aren’t in the repository? Are paid plugins always better? #enduserproblems

GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program

The plugin team does an awesome job with the vast number of plugins they review. We have them to thank for the baseline level of quality in the WordPress plugin ecosystem we take for granted every day.

But we serve millions of WordPress sites — and we saw an opportunity to take collaborating with GoDaddy to the next level for WordPress plugin authors and customers. We’re happy to announce our new Plugin Partner Program for WordPress.

Home page of GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program

With the GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program we’re teaming up with the best plugins to ensure they work well across our hosting environments, and to help customers find them.

Program benefits

Plugin authors and customers can expect a bevy of benefits from the GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program.

For plugin authors:

  • Free to participate.
  • Select partners get exposure to our millions of WordPress customers.
  • Opportunity to participate in plugin offers through our Web Pro deals program.
  • Clear support channel.
  • Priority support for resolving hosting environment conflicts.
  • Plugin metrics for your products.
  • Platform transparency.
  • A distinctive badge for plugin partners and for those that are on the GoDaddy Hot 100.

For customers:

  • Curated list of high-quality plugins.
  • Access to exclusive plugin deals.
  • Quick resolution for plugin hosting environment conflicts.
  • Quick and easy plugin installs.
  • Guarantee that plugins are supported and maintained.
  • Worry-free plugin recommendations.

Join the beta

The GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program is in a limited beta and our early partners will help shape the future of it. Will you be part of it?

The future of WordPress is bright and we’re happy to partner with those plugin authors leading the way. Here’s to the next 75 percent.

Image by: Bill Selak via Compfight cc

Gabriel Mays
Gabriel A. Mays has been using WordPress as a platform since 2009. Previously, he was a Captain in the Marine Corps. A combat veteran, he spent two years between Iraq and Afghanistan operating on small, embedded teams. Gabe left the Marine Corps to found two startups, both built on WordPress. He’s an avid real estate investor who’s married to Corrie, an active duty Marine F/A-18 aviator. Gabe leads WordPress products and strategy at GoDaddy to help SMBs build businesses as great as their ambitions. Connect with Gabe on LinkedIn.