.miami: Make sun and surf your online turf

Feel the ocean breeze

.Miami Domain NamesMiami is known for being one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Florida (it’s no wonder Will Smith chose to rap about it). With sandy beaches, endless nightlife and a rich culture, Miami attracts millions of tourists each year. Plus, Miami is a major international trading hub, connecting the U.S. and South America (talk about big business!).

Miami draws visitors from all over the world — and you can, too, with a website ending in .miami.


Your domain name is like the crystal-blue waters of Miami — it’s what draws visitors to your virtual location. You want your website to stand out amongst the crowds and immediately tell people what you’re all about. Miami is a busy city with lots of competitive businesses, so you need to do everything within your power to give yourself the upperhand.

.Miami Domain Name

Be memorable

As someone who has never been to Miami (I know, it’s inexcusable), I’d want to do a lot of research before planning my next vacay. My first instinct would be to turn to Google and run the gamut on Miami-related activities. Personally, I’m interested in dancing (think clubbing.miami or dancing.miami). So, if you’re a hot new club with rockin’ latin flare, then I’m all about that life.

With a domain name specific to your industry, chances are I’ll find your website much more quickly. Plus, an easy-to-remember domain name like yourbusinessname.miami makes for effortless sharing with my fellow dancers.

Immediate recognition

The best way to demonstrate your affiliation with Miami is with a domain that reflects your location. You’re proud to be a business owner in this bustling city, so why not show it at a glance with a website address ending in .miami?

A domain name ending with the .miami extension creates a brand that is uniquely tied to the culture of Miami.


If you’re a business with multiple locations, it’s always a good idea to have your geolocation represented in your domain name (that way, it’s easier for your customers to get to the right place). Plus, it helps online browsers easily determine what your site is all about. No more questions, no more pondering — just immediate recognition that will make your viewers jump for joy.

Control your brand

Even if you already have a domain name ending in a different extension, it’s a good idea to secure a .miami today if you do business in Miami. Why? Because the last thing you want is to have one of your competitors capitalizing on your brand.

Pro tip: If you own a domain name, your competitors don’t.

You can always set yourbusinessname.miami to redirect to your main site (or even to specific pages on your website). In reality, the more domains you have pointing to your site, the better. You can increase traffic and visibility, which will result in more customers. It’s smart to register multiple domain names for your business— and it’s easy to do.

No matter what your link to Magic City — whether you’re a Dolphins fan, a real estate agent selling condos in South Beach, or simply a proud Miamian — you can increase your visibility online with a .miami domain name. Start your search today for the perfect .miami website address.

What Will You Do With Your .Miami Domain Name?