Mike Schroder joins GoDaddy as full-time WordPress core contributor

Contributing back to WordPress

WordPress powers a third of all websites on the internet, and it’s used far more than any other CMS. The crazy thing? It’s entirely free, thanks to the amazing work of volunteers.

We have WordPress because of volunteers, who contribute millions of hours by:

  • Writing the core software
  • Creating themes and plugins to extend WordPress
  • Writing translations and documentation
  • Organizing WordCamps and meetups
  • Running WordPress.org and the WordPress Foundation

…and a lot more.

The community of volunteer contributors is what makes WordPress great.

At GoDaddy, we have millions of customers using WordPress — more than any other traditional host. Over the years we’ve contributed back to WordPress through:

  • Sponsoring Aaron Campbell, the WordPress Core Security team lead, as a core contributor.
  • Creating and contributing ten themes to the community, some of which are on WordPress.org’s Most Popular themes list.
  • Contributing the Contact Widgets plugin to the community, which now has over 500,000 active installs.
  • Contributing translations to WooCommerce, Beaver Builder, Ninja Forms & more.
  • Contributing user research to WordPress UX, which has evolved into Gutenberg.
  • Sponsoring WordCamps and Meetups around the world.

…But we can do better.

You’ll see our WordPress contributions continue to increase over the next year. And we’re starting with something we’re very happy to share with you:

Mike “Shredder” Schroder is joining GoDaddy as a full-time WordPress core contributor!

I’ve known Mike (@GetSource on Twitter) for years and am very excited that he’s joining us.

He’s hard to miss in the WordPress community. He speaks at WordCamps (more than 30 around the world so far), leads the WordPress Hosting Community Team, co-led the WordPress 3.9 release, and led the 4.5 release.

In fact, Mike contributed to nearly every major WordPress release since 3.2 in 2011 – an impressive achievement. He has been a Core Committer since 2015, and a Core Developer (Permanent Commit) since 2016.

Mike helped build and improve a variety of WordPress features including the Heartbeat API (Post Locking). Alongside Marko Heijnen, they refactored WordPress media handling to natively use other image manipulation libraries like Imagick. This enabled the image resizing improvements in WordPress 4.5 that reduced sizes by up to 50%. Imagine that level of improvement spread across the 31% of websites that WordPress powers. It’s quite an impact!

Mike will join Aaron Campbell in contributing full-time to WordPress core.  He’ll continue the work described above, including Media component plans and hosting community work, as well as spending more time on Gutenberg and the march towards WordPress 5.0.

WordPress market share is higher than ever and Gutenberg is on the horizon. We have an incredible opportunity to change the web for the better, and empower our customers to build businesses as great as their ambitions.

Here’s to 50% of the web and the next 15 years of WordPress!

Gabriel Mays
Gabriel A. Mays has been using WordPress as a platform since 2009. Previously, he was a Captain in the Marine Corps. A combat veteran, he spent two years between Iraq and Afghanistan operating on small, embedded teams. Gabe left the Marine Corps to found two startups, both built on WordPress. He’s an avid real estate investor who’s married to Corrie, an active duty Marine F/A-18 aviator. Gabe leads WordPress products and strategy at GoDaddy to help SMBs build businesses as great as their ambitions. Connect with Gabe on LinkedIn.