November 2018: What’s new in GoCentral

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It’s a busy time of year, and if you have a business or a side hustle, that may be especially true. If you haven’t already done so, sketch out a year-end plan for your website. GoCentral makes it easy to run holiday specials, share seasonal greetings and score a few more sales or bookings. Read on for the latest new features to help you meet your goals.

Website Builder

New theme: “Spaces”

Your GoCentral theme creates the look and feel of your site. Once you choose a theme, you can make it your own with colors, fonts, images and content. Now introducing our newest theme — Spaces:

screenshot of new GoCentral theme called Spaces

To try the Spaces theme, go to your GoCentral Editor and look for Theme in the menu:

screenshot of where to find theme

Blog social sharing

After you create a new blog post, be sure to promote it to your social network. GoCentral makes it easy to share your latest content on Facebook and Twitter. After you’ve published your new post, you’ll see the Share and Tweet buttons:

screenshot of social share feature for GoCentral blog

If you haven’t previously connected to a Facebook Page, you’ll be prompted to do so:

screenshot showing how to connect GoCentral blog to a Facebook Page

Your published post will look something like this:

screenshot of a Facebook post

If you want your readers to be able to share your posts with their network, that’s also a snap.

screenshot of how to turn on social sharing for your GoCentral blog posts

Here’s how:

  1. From your GoCentral Editor, navigate to My Blog and click Open.
  2. Click Social.
  3. Select the social share buttons you would like included on your posts.

Here’s how your posts will look with this functionality:

screenshot of a GoCentral blog post with social sharing buttons

If you haven’t started a blog on your GoCentral website, read this short Help article to learn how.

Google My Business improvements

Complete Google My Business (GMB) listings get five times more views than incomplete listings. GoCentral has made it even easier to complete your listing. Now you can upload photos from your GoCentral Image Library right to your GMB listing.

screenshot of Google My Business photo integration with GoCentral Website Builder

If your listing lacks a business description, GoCentral will prompt you to add that important “about us” content:

GoCentral Online Store merchants whose stores are connected to Google My Business can also post featured products to their GMB listing. Select a product from your Featured Products to create a post that includes an image of the product, an “Order Online” button and a link to your product page.

screenshot of Google My Business product posting flow in GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder

The GoCentral Google My Business listing feature is included in Business Plus and Online Store plans. To get started or manage your GMB listing, go to your GoCentral Dashboard and navigate to Marketing > Social & Listings > Google My Business.

Promotional banner updates

Decorate your website for the holidays! Seasonal decorations are now available for website promotional banners. For instance, you can include snowflakes to create a winter-themed banner. You can also add a link to your promotional banner to send your visitors to a specific page or section of a page when they click.

example of a holiday promo banner on a GoCentral website

screenshot for how to edit promotional banner in GoCentral

Here’s how to add or update your promo banner:

  1. From your GoCentral Editor, select Pages > Home > Header.
  2. Click Promotional Banner.
  3. Toggle Show promotion on.
  4. Customize your message.
  5. If you want your promo banner to be clickable, toggle Add Link on and choose your destination.
  6. If you want a Seasonal Decoration on your banner, select one from the drop-down menu.
  7. Finish your edits and Re-publish your website.

Facebook Pixel ID

If you’re advertising on Facebook, it’s now possible to add a Facebook Pixel ID to track conversion events on your GoCentral website.

screenshot of where to add your Facebook Pixel is GoCentral Website Builder

Here’s how:

  1. From your GoCentral Editor, choose Site Settings.
  2. Select Facebook Pixel Code.
  3. Paste your code in the field labeled Facebook Pixel ID. (If you need more information. Check out this Facebook help article.)
  4. Re-publish your website.

People of GoCentral: Meet Bill

A ton of smart people are hard at work to make GoCentral better than ever. Meet Bill, a senior manager of software development on the GoCentral team.

headshot of Bill

Here are a few fun facts about Bill:

  • Is particularly great at: Listening, being pragmatic and getting stuff done.
  • Hails from: Arizona.
  • Dreams about: Traveling the world with my wife if I can ever afford it after putting my three children through college.
  • Loves GoCentral because: It’s easy to use and helps small businesses succeed online.

GoCentral Help Resources

If you have questions, check out these GoCentral resources. And remember — we offer 24/7 phone support. Call us!

Note: If you don’t already have a GoCentral account, you can start a free trial today.

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