November 2017: What’s new in GoCentral

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Here's to beautiful websites and stretchy pants!

What’s up, November? Yes, it’s turkey time again (can you believe it?) It’s here–the season of giving. And we at GoCentral are pleased to give you an even better online presence. New this month? Fancy, new widgets that bring more awesome to the restaurant, online store, and the service-based business websites. And that’s just the beginning. So let’s dig in to what’s new for November with GoCentral!

Website Builder


Hey, restaurants! Enhancing your takeout and delivery business is as easy as adding the ChowNow widget to your restaurant website (ChowNow account required). ChowNow lets you accept multiple, hassle-free takeout/delivery orders customers place online. No more taking phone orders one at a time in a busy, loud restaurant! Add it now!

Online appointments

Heads up, service businesses! If you’ve been waiting for a scheduling solution, GoCentral is about to blow your mind. The online appointments widget, now available in GoCentral, lets you:

  • Take bookings online 24/7
  • Accept secure payments and deposits with Square
  • Sync appointments to popular calendar tools
  • Manage appointments from your smartphone
  • Store and edit customer information
  • Send and receive notifications/reminders about new or updated appointments

Why yes, we ARE serious. You’re going to love it!


You’ve been asking for this one! Finally, you can add completely customized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to your site. Endless possibilities! Here’s how to add the widget.


With a help bubble at the bottom of the screen, you don’t need to leave the editor to get help or leave feedback. Now if you’ve got something to say, say it right now (before you forget:) ) And the Help Center link lets you find answers quickly without the hassle of opening another tab and possibly losing your train of thought. Don’t be shy with the feedback! We always want to hear what’s working for you…and what’s not.

Adjust location

Sometimes, map software isn’t on point. For those times, there’s pin correction. Now, you can now change the pin position on your Mapbox map and make sure customers will find you.

Customizable fonts


Make your font proportionately smaller or larger across your entire site while still keeping it beautiful, balanced and mobile-responsive. Choose small and extra-large sizes (That’s a whole 30% difference!).  Here’s more on how to update your fonts.


Online Store

Featured categories

Now, browsing and discovery is even more fun for your customers. With GoCentral’s Featured Categories widget, you can put certain products front and center for customers, and make it a lot easier for them to find what they’re looking for…and maybe entice them with something new.  Change category names to fit your inventory and even add up to three more categories.

Savings callout

This one’s just in time for holiday shopping! Tell them just what a bargain they’re getting with a callout. The math is done–easy-peasy. Your customers will thank you.

As the holidays quickly approach and visions of turkey, stuffing, and fancy parades fill your brain, it’s pretty easy to forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. But we here at GoCentral will always be #thankful to you, our customers, for letting us be part of your online presence. Whether your website is a side hustle or your sole income, we hope you continue to let GoCentral have your back with an unmatched website builder, stellar email marketing tools, and a powerful-yet-easy selling interface. We wish you and yours the best of holidays. See you next month!


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