Online appointments: Survey says they’re right on time

The results are in.

It’s clear business owners like you agree online appointments couldn’t have come at a better time. When you’re out there doing what you do best, the word gets out — and that means you’re getting more customers. And before you know it, you need a system to keep them all straight. We at GoCentral hear you, for sure. That’s why we’ve created the Online Appointments widget. Shift your schedule management and payments online so you can focus on your clients.

Scheduling management hits the big time

With online appointments, you aren’t tied to a phone or email for scheduling. And if you enable prepay, you won’t even have to check clients out when they leave. Whether you’re a smartphone device repair person, a therapist, or a mobile DJ, you’re going to find online appointments can make a huge difference in your business. Lock in actively-searching customers based on mutual availability. Both of you will be notified when an appointment is booked. Set an automatic reminder email to your clients to help keep them on time. Configure payments with Square. And calendar syncing? Absolutely. You can sync your online appointment calendar to popular calendars like iCalendar or Google Calendar so all devices will show your most current schedule.

But don’t take our word for it….

We reached out to some online appointments users and asked them to share their thoughts. (Thanks again to our customers who agreed to speak to us for this article!) We heard from phone repair businesses, a few party DJs, hair stylists, personal trainers, beauty consultants, and an application developer. We also spoke to some counselors, therapists, and a baby sleep consultant. And — hooray! — everyone is thrilled about the difference online appointments make. Just about all of them agree it is “very easy” or “pretty easy” to use. Some of the comments included “easy, “ “convenient,” “clear,” “simple.” and “almost foolproof.” And we also learned the syncing feature is working well. Almost all of the comments included the words “easy” or “simple.”  All in all, our responders give online appointments a thumbs up.

“Very simple to get up and running. I loved the email I got with all of the client’s information. And my clients love that they receive a confirmation text.”

The moment of truth…

We also asked if they’d recommend GoDaddy and GoCentral to a friend. And we’re really glad to report everyone says yes. We’ve all heard the line “We know you have a choice when you fly,” but we say it like we mean it. We want to thank you for letting us be a part of your small business success. With every customer story we hear, we can’t help but feel proud because we helped do a thing. Your thing. And whether it’s margaritas, a BBQ restaurant, a women’s empowerment ride group, or yet even more margaritas, we’re honored to be a part of it.

Could your business benefit from online appointments? Add the Online Appointments widget to your website now using your laptop, phone, or tablet — your GoCentral website is entirely mobile-friendly.

Suzanne Richards
Karaoke extraordinaire Suzanne Richards is the Sr. Product Copywriter at GoDaddy and one quarter of the Boardman Alley Cats, a sketch comedy group founded in San Francisco, CA. When she’s not reading, this avid French Bulldog fan also makes time volunteering her copywriting for all causes animal and trying to be funny on Twitter. You can find her funny @french7.