Online Tools for Starting a Business

Online tools for starting a business can help entrepreneurs run a more efficient startup. Not only can online tools like domains and website builders help you launch a new business, but tools such as professional business email and dedicated phone numbers can also give you the solutions needed to grow your venture.

The resources on this page will introduce you to a variety of online tools you can use to start and grow a new business:

  1. Domains.

  2. Professional Business Email.

  3. Easy DIY websites.

  4. WordPress websites.

  5. Ecommerce websites.

  6. Professional website design.

  7. Web hosting.

  8. Website security.

  9. Business phone numbers.

  10. Online marketing.

Ready to get started?


One of the first steps you’ll take before starting a business is to pick a name for your company. You can manually search all registered business names and trademarks online using the appropriate entity search engine for your state. After you have your business name, you’ll likely want to find a corresponding domain name.

You can use an online domain search tool to find the perfect domain name.

Before picking a domain name, you might also want to see what relevant social media handles are available for your brand — yes, there’s an online tool for that, too. GoDaddy even offers a service that will manage your business’s social media accounts.

Professional email and phone number

Once you purchase a domain name, it’s time to get professional business email attached to that unique domain. This is an important step because it helps to brand your business every time you hit “send.” You can even use a second phone number app, like GoDaddy’s SmartLine, to add a business line to your personal smartphone. This will save you some startup costs and help to separate your business life from your personal life.


Next up? Securing web hosting and setting up your website. There are many online tools to help you accomplish your website design goals, whether you hire a professional web designer or create a DIY website.

If you decide to create your own website, you can use an easy swipe-to-style website builder to design your site. This online tool lets users drag and drop elements on a website through a user-friendly interface. With no coding experience, you can design a beautiful website in under an hour. WordPress is another great online tool for starting a website, although it requires a bit more technical know-how.

There are some decisions that you make when starting a business that will determine the types of online tools you need to use.

For instance, if you want to start an eCommerce website, you will need to research and choose an online tool like GoDaddy’s GoCentral Online Store or WooCommerce for WordPress to help you build your online store.

Many of the online tools that businesses use relate to digital marketing.

Email marketing, social media and SEO

From email marketing and conversion optimization to social media and SEO, there are online tools to help you grow your digital presence. Maybe even more importantly, there are online tools to help you measure and track the results of your digital marketing efforts.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful online tools for entrepreneurs.


Business owners can install this free tool on their website and track user activity on their domain. With help from Google Analytics, you can see if people are visiting your website from the Facebook Ads campaign you are running or whether they are coming from your email marketing initiatives. By using these reports, you can measure ROI and optimize your activities based on supporting data instead of speculative opinions.

Use online tools to start and grow your business

Businesses can benefit from using online tools when starting a business and as they continue to grow their company. The resources below provide some further insight into how online tools can help you in areas like web hosting, website design, and online marketing among others.


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