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If you aren’t using social media for your pet store, grooming salon or training center, now is the time to start. Every day, consumers are looking online for a business just like yours to bring their four-legged friends and to buy food, toys and products to keep them happy and healthy. By keeping the profile pages on Instagram and Facebook for your pet store full of exciting content, you’ll be able to attract new customers, build relationships with your existing customer base, and stay top-of-mind with pet owners in your local area.

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3 content ideas for your pet store Facebook and Instagram profiles

With great imagery and fun stories, pet services are a perfect fit for Facebook and Instagram. Here are three content ideas to get the ball rolling:

  1. Post about the products you have in store and the services you offer on your pet store’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
  2. Encourage your current audience to leave reviews for your business.
  3. Keep your audience’s attention through educational and entertaining content.

Let’s get started!

1. Post about the products you have in store and the services you offer on your pet store’s Facebook and Instagram pages

Your social media content has the power to help your followers become more familiar with and excited about what your pet store offers, like your excellent team, top-notch service and unique products for their furry family members.

Add great photos of your products with clever captions to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus pin those new products to 2019 boards you create on Pinterest.

Showcasing your pet store’s best offerings in a creative way on social media will remind your fans and followers why they love bringing their four-legged friends into your business.

Here’s Pet’s General Store in Lakewood, Ohio, showing off its animal-friendly team and products on Instagram:

Your products and services are the backbone of your business, and they’re a huge part of what keeps your loyal followers coming back. That’s why it’s important to post content that shows them off. Among your other posts, product-based posts will ensure that your audience is always up to date on what’s in stock and what’s happening in your business.

Here’s an interior shot of All About Pets, LLC, in Scappoose, Oregon, that shows off its products for their fans and followers on Facebook:

2. Encourage your current audience to leave reviews for your business

When customers have a positive experience at a business, it’s less likely to occur to them to write a review than if they had a negative one.

Remind customers who have a had a positive experience at your business about your presence on review sites — and showcase your store’s other positive reviews.

You can create compelling graphics with the text of these reviews and post these customer testimonials on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Here’s Animal House Veterinary Center showing off a great review of its team and their customer service on Facebook:

This encourages customers to leave reviews, and it helps spread more positive word-of-mouth about your business.

When a potential customer looks at your pet store’s Facebook and Instagram pages, they’ll be able to see some of your best feedback. This puts your business in the best light — and lets your customers’ feedback speak for itself. Plus, by showing gratitude to your previous reviewers, your followers will know how much these reviews mean to you and your business — making them more likely to leave a great review themselves!

3. Keep your audience’s attention through educational and entertaining content

Remember, most of your followers on social media are likely animal lovers and pet owners. And, pet owners are often engaging on social media asking questions and searching for answers about their furry or feathered friends. Leverage your pet store’s social media sites to provide them with helpful tips.

Think about the kind of information your customers might want to know before visiting your business and allow that to inform your content.

Posting practical do’s and don’ts for pet owners that are related to your brand is a great way to market your business, without directly trying to sell any product to your audience.

DogTown in Gresham, Ohio, is giving out some great tips for healthy pups on Instagram:

These types of educational tips keep your business top of mind, provide value to your followers, and build trust with new and potential customers by showing that you are an expert in your industry and a reliable choice to help them care for their four-legged pals.

You also can give people what they want by sharing entertaining, fun content like animal puns, memes and jokes. These work particularly well on pet store Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. The bonus is, entertaining content is shareable.

Every time one of your fans shares a post from your business, that content gets in front of new people  —  people who might be looking for a business like yours.

This is Skydance Pet Lodge in Dousman, Wisconsin, sharing a great photo with a humorous caption on Facebook:

The more people see your content, the more they will engage with your posts and get to know your brand. Then, they’ll think of you next time they need something for their pet.

Create the purr-fect profile

To make your pet store’s Facebook and Instagram profiles engaging, follow these four tips:

  • Vary your content. When you vary your content, your feed will always be fresh, exciting and engaging.
  • Show off exactly what you do and what’s in store at your business. Keep your audience up-to-date on all of your new products and the services you provide.
  • Share positive reviews from your customers. It will help spread positive word of mouth about your pet store and encourage more customers to share their great experiences at your business.
  • Provide educational tips to your audience. Lighten the mood with funny memes and pet pictures that your pet-friendly audience will be sure to love.

Now, you’re ready to unleash the power of social media for your business!

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Time to get social

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