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Since the acquisition in the fall of 2016, ManageWP has been a key piece in the GoDaddy Pro program: it gives you the ability to manage all your WordPress websites from one dashboard. You can log into your websites, run updates, migrate sites – all this with a single click.

ManageWP is a beloved WordPress brand, so it might sound strange that we’re rebranding Pro ManageWP into Pro Sites. However, we have a good reason for it.

The name change to Pro Sites

When we rolled out the GoDaddy version of ManageWP in December 2016, it was identical to the standalone ManageWP dashboard, with minor branding differences. But as time passed, we started rolling out GoDaddy specific features that we wouldn’t want in the standalone ManageWP dashboard.

At the same time, we see a lot of non-WordPress professionals, as well as people who never heard of ManageWP sign up for the Pro program. For them the Pro Sites name better explains its functionality. So, to mitigate the confusion going forward, we decided to rename Pro ManageWP to Pro Sites.

ManageWP will keep focus on WordPress, as the Pro program keeps expanding

ManageWP is a specific service for a specific need: it helps WordPress professionals efficiently manage multiple WordPress sites, and it provides additional value to the professional’s clients.

GoDaddy Pro program focus is on you, the web professional building and managing sites for your clients. We want to help you be better organized, more skilled, more effective and efficient in what you do, and by extension happier because of what you accomplish.

The core difference between standalone ManageWP and GoDaddy Pro

  • Pro Sites works for non-WordPress websites. Given that most of the Pro Sites functionality comes from the ManageWP Worker plugin on the WordPress site, non-WordPress sites are able to run performance & security checks, as well as monitor uptime. As the service matures we plan on including deeper functionality for other popular CMSs.
  • Hosting widget & 1-click migration. Pro Sites has an additional widget that gives you essential hosting info about your GoDaddy website – the plan, remaining bandwidth, physical disk space, etc. And if your website is not hosted on GoDaddy, you are able to easily migrate your WordPress website to GoDaddy.
  • A part of a bigger picture. Check out the GoDaddy Pro page to learn all the different ways Pro program can make your life easier.

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