Sandy Edwards joins the GoDaddy Pro team

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A familiar face from the WordPress community

My name is Sandy Edwards. I am a longtime member of the WordPress project, an agency owner, and user of both WordPress and GoDaddy Pro.

Outside of work, I love my family, travel, education, and music. In my professional life, I’ve always been drawn to analytics, numbers, and math.

My background in the WordPress community

I fell into the WordPress world in 2014. A marketing firm moved me from part-time to full time so I could manage their WordPress projects. I fell in love. I loved working with the software, but I loved the community even more.

It felt so natural to me. I was building full websites without knowing any code at the time. After sending a few CSS edits to developers on the team, I quickly learned to code.

I eventually left that company to open my own successful digital marketing agency. Today, I have built over 300 websites and growing, and I love it!

The WordPress community has been my home-away-from-home since 2015, and I couldn’t be happier with this amazing group of people.

I have worked hard in the community to build a safe space for kids to learn WordPress, coding, and other skills with the KidsCamp program and Youth Events Working Group. I have also worked on WP101 classes.

There aren’t many places in the community that I haven’t been part of.

On the ground at WordCamp Miami

Why I joined GoDaddy

The years since I joined the WordPress community have been filled with new goals and chapters, each one bringing fun and exciting challenges.

I am truly thankful for all I have learned in and around this ever-growing community, and GoDaddy has been a huge part of that. GoDaddy puts people first. I have seen that firsthand as a user of so many of their products and services through the years.

Helping business owners aligns with who I am fundamentally, and that is a core goal of the team at GoDaddy.

This is a company I am proud to get behind wholeheartedly.

Looking forward

Joining the GoDaddy team means I get to be present for the community in ways I couldn’t do alone. I will be able to help more businesses succeed using tools like GoDaddy Pro, and that means the world to me.

You can find me on Twitter (@sunsanddesign) and LinkedIn, as well as my personal blog.

Sandy Edwards
Sandy has been active with the WordPress project since 2015. She is passionate about education within the community and making sure everyone has access to learn new things. When she isn’t working hard she is traveling and enjoying the many theme parks Orlando, Fl has to offer.