September 2017: What’s New in GoCentral

Hot weather, hot design!

Ah, summer. The kids are out of school, the days are long and light, and there’s plenty of relaxation. While we here at GoDaddy love a good vacation, we still managed to get some great work in. (Not that it was always easy…ice cream and the waves called more than a few times!)  Because when it comes to awesome features, we at GoDaddy never rest. So check it out…you could be tricking out your website right now with these amazing additions to GoCentral’s Website Builder and some big-time adjustments to the Online Store. So here’s what we got. Try them today! And as always, don’t forget to show us when you’re done:)

Website Builder

New fonts

We now have five new fonts: Great Vibes, Patua One, Kaushan Script, Sofia, and Yellowtail. What do you think….pretty sweet, right?

 Logos and badges

Show off your partners, sponsors, or certifications by adding logos to your site. You can add up to six. And you can link to them, too.

Layouts now more discoverable in Editor

Thumbnails help us discover and decide when you’re designing. That’s why we added thumbnails to layouts so now it’s easier to work in GoCentral Editor. Click on a site section. You’ll see your Layout preview and a Change Layout link you can click to see other layouts.

Online reservations with OpenTable

Heads up, restaurateurs! If you’ve been waiting for a quick, easy way for your patrons to check seating availability, book, and manage their own reservations, you’re in luck. Add the OpenTable widget (now available!) to your website and let patrons make and handle their own dinner plans. Hey, now your busy staff can take care of patrons already (or waiting to be) seated. Not sure about OpenTable? Check out this story about what OpenTable did for this Tex-Mex spot.

Yelp social follow button

We thought you needed an easy way to show off your hard-won reputation. If people are loving you on Yelp, let your new visitors know by adding a button visitors can click to see your reviews. Yeah, we thought you’d like that one!

Higher resolution for portrait images

You photography buffs will go nuts for this: GoCentral now displays portrait images at the same resolution (1440 pixels) as landscape images…that’s more than 50% larger than before. So go ahead and refresh your images…they’ll sparkle more than ever now!

Action buttons on any page

We get it. There are so many things people might want to do on a page. Now, YOU get to decide where buttons go because now you can add buttons to any layout. Go to reservation, donate, see calendar…this is kind of in game-changer territory, right? Here’s how to add a button.

New and improved SEV wizard

We applied our design wizardry on the SEV wizard flow. So fresh and so clean. Check it out. Oh and by the way…if you’re interested in our customized SEO services, you can find out more about that here.

Filter Facebook stats card on Dashboard

Customers can filter their Facebook Page activity (views, likes, posts). by today, week, and 28 days.

Online Store

Quick and easy item management (and even better sorting!)

You wanted more control over the shopper experience. You got it! Now, your shoppers can sort products by price (low to high or high to low), name (A–Z or Z–A), newest, or most popular. And you can even control the sort orders your customers see, if you want. The choice is yours!

Even though summer is drifting away and you are probably trying to get one last outing in, we hope you give these features a go on your site. By the way, did you know the phrase “dog days of summer” has nothing to do with hot, panting dogs enjoying some downtime? It actually has nothing to do with dogs at all! Still, we hope you had some good downtime this summer. See you next month!