Rest easy with help from these apps

Sleep on it

Here’s one for all you stats collectors: 44 percent of mobile phone owners report sleeping with their devices beside their bed so they don’t miss anything. The research doesn’t dig much deeper, but I’m willing to bet that many of these perpetually connected people are small business owners.

So, in the interest of entrepreneurs and a good night’s sleep, we’ve compiled this list of smartphone apps that can make life a little easier for all you entrepreneurs.

Save time with this trifecta

Who needs a computer, scanner or fax machine in this day and age? This trifecta of apps replaces common office tasks:

TurboScan. This app from Piksoft® allows you to scan a document simply by taking three pictures of it. It’s perfect for scanning a document on site with a client or quickly taking a scan of a signed contract. TurboScan allows you to save your scan to your device or email it in handy .pdf or image formats, too.

DocuSign. Chomping at the bit to sign that contract or close on that business loan without further delay? DocuSign® allows you to program in your electronic signature and quickly and easily sign documents without the hassle of printing and scanning. Sign right from your phone!

Printer Pro. Have you ever found yourself doing something rather silly, like emailing yourself a link you found on your phone in order to print it? Forget that noise with Printer Pro. It allows you to print straight from your iPhone® or Android®. Silliness averted, you’ll quickly recoup the $4.99 Readdle® charges for this nifty little app.

Handle money with mobile ease

A business without money is just a hobby. These apps help you manage the dollars and cents of your enterprise:

Get Paid. This nifty GoDaddy offering, part of the Online Bookkeeping suite of products, allows you to accept any method of payment with any device. Client wants to pay you on the spot with a credit card? Check. And she’s on the phone with you because she’s halfway across the country? Check. …Or in another country and wants to pay online? Check, check and check. This useful app’s name says it all.

Credit Karma. See your credit score right now, totally free, with this mobile app for iPhone or Android. If your finances are moving and shaking – for example, if you’re noodling over taking out a small business loan – Credit Karma™ will also allow you to simulate what your credit score might look like after a big financial move. Watch your score leap up and down after you simulate paying off debt or taking on a big financial burden.

SmartyPig. Manage your savings with this free app for iPhone or Android. SmartyPig® allows you to set savings goals and share them with others – even to accept donations. Patient business owners can use SmartyPig accounts to save for necessities like taxes or a business-boosting purchase such as a new logo. Be sure to check out SmartyPig’s gift card and cash back options to make your savings go just a little bit farther.

Collaborate with these three apps

Our smartphones are the ultimate collaboration device. They can text, send videos and hey, they can even make phone calls. These apps help small business owners collaborate more easily from the office, coffee shop or open road:

OneDrive. A storage app from Microsoft (included in Microsoft Office 365® from GoDaddy), OneDrive™ allows you to easily store and share documents, photos, videos and anything else you’d like to access anytime, anywhere, from any device. Never be without your PowerPoint® deck… or that video of your daughter singing “You Are My Sunshine.” This elegant yet no-frills conference app from LogMeIn® allows you to conference via phone or video, record meetings, and invite up to 250 attendees. Usefu for today’s increasingly global workforce,® has 40+ numbers around the world so you’re not nickel and diming your contacts with long distance charges.

Skype. The mobile version of the well-known communication app is available on all major platforms. You can chat, talk or videoconference with clients and colleagues – no matter where they are in the world. (Just check the time difference!) You can now also send video messages and files more easily than ever. Plus, Skype™ is so ubiquitous you can be sure that most of your contacts will have it, too.

It might not be possible to run your business entirely from your smartphone (yet), but these apps will get you one step closer to true small business mobility … and a great night’s sleep.

Image by: amirjina via Compfight cc