Everyone knows that months or even years of wedding planning can go into a couple’s big day — from picking the perfect dress and cake, to sending out your invitations, setting up your wedding website, choosing floral arrangements and a color scheme … And there are so many other trends to think about today, too: Custom Snapchat geofilter? Photobooth? Hashtag? Decisions, decisions! Good thing they’re all so fun.

But before you get started with wedding planning, you’ll want to figure out what wedding style is the best match for your personality; after all, you want your event to be totally YOU. Are you traditional? Rustic or vintage (yes, there’s a difference)? Or will you and your guests be hitting the beach? Which wedding style suits you best?

Take the wedding style personality quiz

Narrow down your wedding vision by taking this quick wedding style personality quiz. We’re excited to share the results (and we’ll even throw in some wedding planning tips along the way)!

Share your results

What kind of wedding suits you? Don’t forget to share your results with your friends on social media! And if you’re in the stages for planning a wedding, consider creating a wedding website to keep your guests in the know.

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