Twitter can be a great marketing for small businesses because it’s an easy and convenient way to stay on top of industry trends, connect with customers and prospects, and promote your brand. It’s as easy as setting up an account, following others in your industry, and gaining followers of your own by retweeting and replying to others’ posts and, when you feel comfortable, posting your own comments.

If you know how to use twitter for business properly, you can establish your online presence, cultivate customer loyalty, and build credibility within your industry.

Establish an online presence

Using Twitter for BusinessIt’s important to get your name out there. Customers can’t find you if they never hear from you or about you. You can set up your Twitter handle (i.e. @coolexample) to match your business name to help create a consistent online presence. As people start seeing your business name circulating, they will start to recognize it and associate it with your company and services.

Customers become more aware of your brand if you are tweeting, even if you start out only retweeting others’ posts.

Cultivate customer loyalty

Twitter has over 200 million active users worldwide — and more are signing up every day. It is highly likely that your customers, and potential customers, use Twitter. Use this to your advantage by making Twitter another platform with which to communicate with your target audience. If your customers are on Twitter, it’s almost certain that they will tweet about their experiences with your company, good or bad. If you have a Twitter account for your business, you can respond to those comments.

Twitter is a perfect avenue to maintain a dialogue with your customers.

Build credibility

Every savvy businessperson keeps up with the latest news and trends in their industry. Twitter is another way you can accomplish this. But don’t just keep up…establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry! Participating in conversations with other industry insiders will add valuable muscle to your brand.

With so many people already using Twitter, some of whom are your customers and potential customers, you really can’t afford to avoid this social platform. So, if you haven’t already, join the conversation — they’re already talking about you (and if they’re not, you want them to be).

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