Use social media to sell more in your online store

Follow. Like. Buy.

Social media has become a staple of our daily lives — a way to connect (or reconnect) with friends and family, share pieces of our lives with our followers, and “spy” on others. Social sites like Twitter® and Facebook® help us stay abreast of the latest trends. LinkedIn® has become a go-to source for job hunters and recruiters alike. And image-based sites such as Pinterest@ and Instagram® feed us with visual inspiration 24/7. But, until fairly recently, social media wasn’t a must-have marketing tool for business.

That has changed.

Social networking can make companies more accessible for customers, give them viral exposure, and revolutionize the way businesses market their products. For businesses that sell products online, getting social offers additional perks — from a free way to offer incentives to an organic means for building buzz about specific products.

With a little bit of know-how, online sellers can use social media to take e-commerce sales to new heights.

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Check out a few free ways to use social media to stand out, interact with your target audience, retain customers, and ultimately boost sales in your online store:

Offer incentives

Facebook Online StoreCustomers love a good deal, and word-of-mouth (social sharing) helps promote your products/services more effectively than paid ads. How? Because people trust and want what their friends are talking about.

A simple and affordable way to increase your social following and draw new visitors to your online store is through giveaways and discounts. By offering new followers a 15-percent discount for liking your page, for example, or by hosting a giveaway where contestants share a picture/post from your site to get entered to win a prize, you can quickly develop loyal customers and viral success!

Engage with your customers

People love talking about products and services they’ve used. Whether a customer’s experiences are good or bad, your business’s social profile is a place where they can go to engage and share their feedback about the products they use. The one-on-one interaction can give incredible insight into what you’re doing right, and what needs improvement.

Remember, it’s important to keep the social in social media! Don’t be THAT business that’s constantly pushing products. Take the opportunity to connect with your customers and find ways to promote through conversation.

Use share buttons

A great way to promote your products online is by adding share buttons to your product pages and home page. The buttons allow customers and Web surfers to showcase their interest in your products on their own social profiles. Whether they’re sharing their recent purchases, sending a gift idea to their mom through Facebook messenger, or adding a product to their Pinterest pinboard — they are marketing for you.

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Now that you have three easy ways to leverage social media to boost e-commerce sales, it’s time you get socializing! It’s a commonly known fact that social networking sites are where people spend a large chunk of their time — and so should your business.

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