Using WordPress or Drupal? Update it now

Do it now

If you follow a lot of the tech publications out there, you might have caught wind of a major security vulnerability in WordPress® and Drupal™ that could crash your website.

If you manage your WordPress or Drupal website, update it now. If you do not update your version of WordPress or Drupal, your website could be compromised.

Both Drupal and WordPress have released updates that fix the vulnerability and keep your website safe. On WordPress, you want to be running version 3.9.2 or later. On Drupal, make sure you have version 7.31 or later.

In some cases, depending on your settings and how you host WordPress or Drupal at GoDaddy, your software will update automatically. Still it doesn’t hurt to check.

What version of WordPress am I running?

Log in to WordPress and look at the bottom of your screen. It will display what version you’re running or give you a link to upgrade to the latest version. (You can always check wp-includes/version.php over FTP if you’re really stuck).

What version of Drupal am I running?

Log in to the administration section of Drupal. In the menu at the top, select Reports. Then select Status Report. This will tell you which version you’re running.

If you find you’re out of date

Here are instructions for how to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and Drupal. Don’t forget, it doesn’t hurt to back up your site every once and while. Especially right before you upgrade your software.

+ Updating WordPress

+ Updating Drupal

If you want to know more about the vulnerability and how it could affect your website (and the servers where your website lives) check out this article on Mashable.

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