Wanted: Phoenix Comicon 2016 exhibitor heroes

This is how your origin story starts

Hey, Phoenix Comicon ’16 exhibitors!

We’re planning something pretty cool for Phoenix Comicon 2016 from June 2-5, and we’re looking for partners. But not just any partners. We all know you can’t let just anyone join your super team. That’s how you get people with powers that only work underwater, or someone with some kind of weird squirrel-based weakness, or a sidekick who just gets blown up three issues later.

No, we’re looking for cool people. People like you. So if you’re a creator, a costumer, an artist, a designer, a cosplayer, an actor, a mutant mastermind, a time lord, a mild-mannered reporter, or something else so cool it can barely be understood by our human minds, we want to hear from you.

So polish your cosmic gauntlets, charge your power rings, and complete the form below.

Image by: gfairchild via Visual hunt / CC BY

Noah Plumb
Noah’s for the underdog just about every time; he stands for justice. He’s a pretty social dude with an asymmetrical face (the mustache is ‘shopped by the way). With GoDaddy since 2004 in communications, public relations, and social roles, he’s now a small business evangelist. And he’d like to hear your story. Say “hey there” on Twitter. Email him. Smile in his general direction. (He likes the attention.)