Free Small Business Webinar: Moving your business into the cloud with Office 365

Curious about the ‘cloud’? Wondering what it can do for your business?

When a small-to-medium-sized business takes their office into the cloud, they communicate, collaborate, and stay connected. Cloud solutions, like Microsoft Office 365,enable you to use any device to access all of your content from anywhere and at any time.

Learn about the cloud solution, Microsoft Office 365, boosts productivity and makes it easier than ever to efficiently run your business.

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Leaving the old model of self-managed IT, and moving to the cloud with Office 365, creates a significant IT cost-savings for a small-to-medium-sized businesses. We’ll discuss this benefit and highlight other areas in which you can leverage the power of the cloud to supercharge your business and level the playing field with the big guys.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the “cloud” is and how it works
  • The difference between Office 365 and Microsoft Office
  • The benefits that Office 365 offers small-to-medium sized businesses
  • How the applications in Office 365 by watching a live product demo

Keep your team connected. Learn more about Microsoft Office 365